Why is Saying “Yes” Easier than Saying “No”

Often times we come across situations that are very hard to avoid. No matter how hard we try to ignore it, it keeps coming back.

And the best defense mechanism we choose to avoid it is that we go ahead and accept it.

The word “yes” has importance as strong as the word “no,” even though they’re opposite to each other.

And yet many people find saying “yes” easier than “no”.

Have you ever wondered why? I have too, a lot of times.

There are a lot of factors that make saying “yes” easier than simply saying “no”.

I can understand that “no” is just one word that won’t take up a lot of time when said.

However, the impact this one simple word has is so much more than we can imagine.

Therefore, instead of being a total jerk, we end up saying “yes” to every favor we get asked.

To be honest, it’s absolutely not easy saying no to people, especially the ones you care about.

But sometimes saying “yes” to everything can be a big problem for people that say it constantly.

Here is why saying “yes” is easier for people than saying “no”.

Fear of Unacceptance.

I believe that it’s human nature for us to feel accepted in society. Because what’s the point of living in a society where we’re not accepted, right?

As human beings, we fear unacceptance. We fear whether we’re good enough for people to accept us.

What if they don’t like me? What if they hate the things I say and do? Will I remain friends with them if I say no?

We feel obligated to say yes just so we could get the sign of approval from others.

Nobody wants to be lonely and without people that care about them. So, the easiest way to keep people in your life is by saying “yes” to everything they say.

Unclear of our own priorities.

Whoever said you mature as you age and as you mature you’ll know your priorities, doesn’t know how maturity works.

Because no matter how old or mature we become, many-a-times, it’s hard to know our own priorities.

This happens especially in the case of our own. We tend to give others more importance than ourselves.

And for this reason, we neglect ourselves and our needs and put others in front of us.

We’re not sure what would make us happy. But we sure do know that by saying yes, the person that’s asking for our help will be.

Lack of confidence.

Confidence plays a big role in all our lives, no matter who we are and what we do.

But a lot of times, a lot of us lack it. Therefore, it’s hard for many of us to stand up for ourselves.

And lack of confidence leads us to agreeing to everything someone else says.

We end up saying yes to things we hate because we don’t have enough confidence to say no.

To get out of an uncomfortable situation.

Now, this point is a little tricky and it mostly happens in situations we don’t want to get into.

Like a sexual situation, or dealing with someone you look up to.

Sometimes we come across such a situation in life that it’s so hard to get out of.

We can’t think of any excuses or we are too scared for ourselves.

So, out of frustration of not being able to do anything, we end up saying yes.

And we end up saying yet just so we could get out of an uncomfortable situation as fast as possible.

To make others feel better.

Sometimes it’s so hard being humans, isn’t it?

Having to socialize with everyone, do things we hate just to please someone else, ugh!

Be that as it may, we just can’t help it, can we?

We don’t want to end up being a bad person in someone else’ life. So, the easiest thing we do is we say yes to all of their demands.

We say yes to every favor they ask just so they could feel better.

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