Why do We Need More Agripreneurs in the World

Why do We Need More Agripreneurs in the World

Compared with the officers in the public sector of the United States, entrepreneurs are more valuable both for the individual and society.

It is the entrepreneurs that provide industrial goods for everyone, such as houses, cars, phones, toys, etc, let alone water and food.

Agricultural entrepreneurs are described as entrepreneurs who turn their farms into companies.

It is the entrepreneurs that provide the job for the majority in society.

Farming is not an outdated activity and farming sets you on the path of self-reliance.

So we are familiar with the entrepreneurs but why Agripreneurs? let’s discuss in the below section in detail. Read the article till the end.


Why Agripreneurs?

Imagine a world where the agricultural crop is exported to other continents instead of importing food to feed the population.

Imagine a country where unemployment is at its lowest ebb because of the sector’s efficiencies, which has created many jobs.

People should change their ideology that “there is no money in farming.”

Visualize a continent where, rather than following, smallholder farmers, who are in the majority, lead the industry’s drive and transition agenda.


Why Do We Need More Agripreneurs?

Francis N. Pangilinan expressed alarm about young Filipinos ‘ apparent disinterest in farming about seven years ago.

Pangilinan formerly led the Food and Agriculture Committee of the Senate.

He said Filipino farmers ‘ average age is 57 years old and the need for a new generation of Agripreneurs to ensure food security for the country.

filipino farmers at best

Officials reported that farmers ‘ annual revenue was only up to P17,000 in 2009 on a median.

This meant their monthly earning is only up to P2,000 a month.

The sum was not even adequate to buy rice and other basic necessities.

Farming has become a backbreaking task throughout the world, which provides no compensation.

The PSA data released in June 2017 found that the predominance of poverty in five of the nine basic sectors is higher than in the general population.

The rate of deprivation among farmers and fishermen was 34.3% and 34% respectively.

The figure is greater than 21.6% of poverty in 2015. Another report on “Increased Production Costs and Returns of Identified Agricultural Commodities” was published last October.

Farmer of Kenya, oho

The PSA reported that in 2016, gross receipts from rice plantation averaged P67.436 per hectare.

The average net return per hectare was P19,811. Moreover, rice farmers received an average of P0,42 for each and every peso of investment in play production.

Corn farmers were grossing an average of P34,664 per hectare and netting P12,366 per hectare, according to the same survey.


Todays Agroprenuer

It is a campaign to draw the attention of the young generation to the agricultural sector.

It also helps them to become agripreneurs with high earnings.

Edwin Ndibalema, a training-based political scientist and his team is one of many graduates who have the chance to explore agriculture.

And today, Edwin and some other agripreneurs have shown that in this region, today’s young people can make it.


According to Edwin, “Agriprenuer-Program’s scope is to achieve and promote opportunities in agriculture.” He wants a change in the mindset of people who see agripreneurs as an older people’s profession.

Agriculture was a pillar of many economies country such as India, Africa, Nepal, etc.

With more than 50% of Africa’s employment comes from the agricultural sector, young people are expected to play an active role in economic development.

In stressful conditions, there are many retired people, big business workers, and ordinary people out there struggling to meet both ends. Such stories told here, should challenge everyone out there that agriculture has a huge amount of money.


Agripreneurship Alliance

The Agripreneurship Alliance is an alliance from all over the world, including companies, universities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

They share a shared vision of prosperous rural communities assisted by productive youth-driven enterprises within the local and global food systems.


The Agripreneurship Alliance, based in Montreux, formed in August 2017 as a Swiss-based non-profit group. The main aim of Agripreneurship Alliance is to encourage and support young agripreneurs.

Encourage young entrepreneurs to set up food businesses in order to support the development of the wider eco-system of the farming community.

The Agripreneurship Alliance is running a crowdfunding campaign aimed at changing the lives of young African farmers.

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