Why do Men need Women in Their Life?

why do you need women

Men and women are mentioned together since the beginning of humankind. From Adam and Eve to the early humans, it’s always been men and women, together.

Honestly, you can’t picture a world without men and women. They’re like the two sides of a coin despite the fact that there are other genders co-existing.

For a straight man, his life is incomplete without a woman. I’m not being disrespectful, but men can be slightly clumsier without a woman.

So, men need women in their lives to make it complete.

When we look at it, a man, no matter how grown up or independent he is, doesn’t know how to properly take care of himself.

No matter how tough men act on the outside, admit it, you’re always yelling at your mom because you couldn’t find your socks.

“Mom, what’s for dinner?” “Where is my t-shirt?” “Did you see my purse? I can’t seem to find it.” Every mother hears these complaints every other day.

And once the guy is married, the complaints transfer from the mother to the wife.

To be honest, it’s not a surprise that men can’t find their way out sometimes. More of a reason to believe that every man needs women in their life.

The real reason men need women in their life.

Show Emotion.

Men might not be vulnerable beings but they sure need a lot of care and attention.

As we know many-a-times men are not available emotionally. This is one of the reasons why men need women in their life.

Women are normally more emotional than a man. The reason is that they have the ability to show their emotions without hesitation.

But for men, it’s sometimes shaming and unmanly to show emotions.

But a woman can teach him how to show and control his emotions. They have the ability to teach a man how to love and feel.

How to respect people.

Respect is very important for women as they’ve been deprived of it for such a long time.

Women know how it feels when you don’t get the respect you deserve. And they also know how good it feels when someone respects and values you.

So, for a man to know how to respect someone, they need a woman to teach them.

 Letting go of the Ego.

Many times, men are so full of ego. It’s like talking to a stone. But you don’t know how good it feels to let go of it.

I’ll admit some women might hold on to their grudges since 6th grade, but that’s not necessarily egoistic. Thus, what a man can learn from a woman is how to let go of their egos.


There is a different joy in forgiveness which men would never know if it wasn’t for a woman. Think about it, how forgiving a woman is who willingly forgives a man that’s unfaithful to her?

So, men need women who can teach them the art of forgiveness.


No one endures as much as a woman does. The constant catcalling, uncomfortable bus rides, inequality inside and outside the house, abuses, and so much more.

Yet, women are so powerful and have such great endurance ability.

Men rarely experience things mentioned earlier. However, that doesn’t mean men are not exposed to it.

And the power of endurance men have is very low from that of a woman. So, men especially need women to teach them how to endure unpleasant and difficult things.

A relationship is not just about sex.

Intimacy doesn’t mean you have to have sex with each other.

Why men need women in their life is to learn how important intimacy is and what it really means.

A relationship is so much more than just sex. And guys, admit it, you get into a relationship thinking more about sex and less about responsibility.

And when you get into a good relationship with an amazing woman, a man learns the real meaning of relationship and responsibilities.

In conclusion, a man might conquer the world, but he is not able to do so without the presence of a woman to teach him good values. a good woman has the ability to uplift a man’s life in so many good ways.

And for a man to be a real man, he always needs a woman.


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