What’s It Like to Live With Transgender Parents

The sex identity or expression of the gender of transgender people is not identical to that of their sex during birth. Additionally, Transgender people can also identify themselves as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual or they may decline to mark their sexual orientation.

In addition to discrimination, Transgender people also face a problem in the workplace, accessing public accommodations and healthcare. Additionally, the child of the Trans people is likely to face difficulties similar to his/her parents.

How does a child have a good family life, if one of his/her parents continuously lie to them while hating themselves for being different? This may seem like a strange situation, but many transgender parents are facing this problem.

What Actually Is Transgender?

Nowadays people can change their sex organs in any stage of life. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a boy or girl, a man or woman, they could change sex organs and be whatever they want.

So these kinds of people who has changed their sexuality on the basis of their desire and with a help of Medical Science, that kind of people generally referred to Transgender.

So I hope you have got the overall idea of transgender, Now Let’s talk about the difficulties of being a transgender parent. If you want to know about the problems, then stick with us till the end.

What is Intersex?

A child with an intersex variation is a child who was born with chromosomes, genitals, and/or reproductive organs that do not fit into the narrow ideas of what constitutes ‘male’ or ‘female’.

Intersex children are different from transgender or gender diverse children. However, gender identities and behaviors mix different genders or classify them as having a non-binary gender.

Challenges For The Transgender’s Children

Children who are transgender or gender diverse may experience mental health challenges due to discrimination. Additionally, this can involve higher rates of anxiety, depression, self-harm, and/or attempted suicides.

Further, just because his/her parent is transgender, they are also tagged as a transgender. However, the meaning of transgender has evolved since the huge innovation and finds in the medical field.

Transgender’s Child Faces Unacceptance


Look! we are social animals and we need each other in every step of life that’s why we proudly call ourselves a civilization. People are going to ask about their parents. So far transgender sexuality has not got full acceptance from societies all around the world.

Therefore, their adult or teenage children might suffer from mental anxiety, somewhere at the point of having a transgender parent will affect a child’s social life.

It will be hard for them to talk about their parents in front of their friends and mates. Who Know’s they might even be feeling ashamed.

However, transgender children do not have a stereotype of relationship with their parents. Further, they have some difficulties to share their regular life in front of them.

Child May Feel Some Kind of Mental Pressure

Mental Pressure to the transgender's child

Nowadays, there are transgender people who are not the biological parents of their children. Additionally, they have raised them as their child. So, in that case, there is a high chance, that these children will not face any kind of mental issue throughout their lives.

Because of their parents, as they grow up they will learn to deals with any kind of odd moments. But everyone is not as lucky as them, there are a majority of people whose parents changed their sexuality after raising them.

So for those people, things are not normal as other people have. Further, there are a number of researches going on to address this topic. Particularly, the research is directly or indirectly concerned with the mental and social aspects of transgender parent’s children.

As being raised by transgender parents is a pretty much-complicated journey for any child. Their social life, their mental health, their understanding perception everything gets influenced.


Well, it’s important to understand that these parents are like any other parent. Whether they are living single or with their partner, the only thing that should matter is how they are raising their children.

In reality, while transgender is often the main focus of others, transgender parents tend to be increasingly concerned about diapers, homework and feeding their children.

It important for us to understand that they are parents first. In fact, good parenting, regardless of gender identity, is good parenting.

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