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What Would Happen To You If You Have Sleep Deprivation

Are you struggling with to wake up lately? Are you late to work again? Are you facing troubles to put your shit together?

Well, if you do, you are not alone. We go through these situations at least once in lifetime.

Sometimes we all wish we never had to deal with the morning struggles and always stay in bed.

But what if you just never went to bed? What if you figured out how to keep yourself awake forever?

How long could this last? Could you even be productive if you have sleep deprivation for days?

What will happen to your body? Will you even be able to survive if you have sleep deprivation?

I’m pretty sure these questions will arise in your mind when you hear about being awake for days.

Let’s take a look at what goes on in your body after certain periods of sleep deprivation.


Six to Twelve Hours of Sleep Deprivation


When you take too much stress in life, having sleep deprivation is quite possible for you.

Skipping six hours of sleep might be normal for people who prefer to work late night.

But, sometimes these sleep deprivation can even turn your days into a nightmare.

After probably six to twelve hours of insomnia, your body starts to produce an excessive amount of the hormone cortisol.

Excessive cortisol makes you more irritable and anxious which can lead you to tension and confusion.

Your brain will begin to turn off non-essential mental functions like reaction time and decision making and you will start to feel run-down.

You will start losing your concentration in your work which may even place your job at risk.

So, having insomnia isn’t only about your body, it’s about your career as well.


Twenty Four Hours 

The paradox starts with the fact that instead of feeling tired, you will feel happy and fresh.

You will have a sudden burst of energy and will start to feel even more productive than usual when you stop sleeping for more than twenty four hours.

All of your senses will get sharpened and people around you will start seeming pleasant.

This is because your brain is trying to recompense for the lack of sleep by increasing dopamine levels.

However, as you go on sleeping beyond this point, then you might start noticing some changes in your body.


Thirty Six Hours

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After what you feel while having sleep deprivation for 24 hours, you might want to do that again.

You might want to feel the same happiness and enthusiasm again and again.

But, things doesn’t seem to work pretty well after having insomnia for more than thirty six hours.

Your memory will begin to weaken, your reaction time will increase, and whoever you meet will probably think you as drunk.

If you manage to have another sleep deprivation, things will start to go beyond what you expect.

Your body will start to shut down certain physical functions, like your immune system lowering your metabolism, which will lead to even heavier fatigue.


Forty Eight Hours


Things will start to get terrifying at this point of having sleep deprivation for more than forty eight hours.

At this point, your immune response and your judgment will start to become impaired.

You will also feel nauseous and will probably have slurred or stumbling speech like a very drunk person.

Worst of all, the very thing that drives you to do work that is energy, will get completely erased from your body.

This is because, your body will lack vital chemicals and nutrients triggering reactions in your overstimulated brain, as a result causing delusions.


Three to Eleven Days of Sleep Deprivation

Worst that you ever imagine will start to occur after three days of insomnia.

Almost nobody in sound mind has managed to cross the line of staying awake for more than eleven days.

You will actually start seeing things that aren’t there because your body is desperately trying to understand what it’s experiencing.

In short, you will start having hallucinations. You will see and hear things like whispers, strange sounds, and visions after three to eleven hours of insomnia.

You will also start losing track of time and forget all the basic stuffs you do in your daily life.

This is a sure sign that you’re on the verge of becoming a zombie, after all these sleep deprivation.

That’s because you will barely be able to communicate or function like a normal human being.