What to Expect from Amazon Cyber Monday

What to Expect from Amazon Cyber Monday

Amazon’s holiday season offer is yet to be over. The crazy list of deals at the Amazon is only getting started.

You could have already seen the offers since the start of November and during the Black Friday.

As crazy as it sounds, the Cyber Monday is your last chance to bargain at those sweet-sweet discount offers.

Along with that, Prime members get 30-minute early access to Lightning Deals across Amazon.

Last year alone, customers saved over £40 million in Amazon’s Black Friday sales and in Cyber Monday, Amazon sales hit $7.9 billion.

It looks like this year will be no different. Offers for televisions, headphones and smart home devices are already blazing up the sales record for this holiday season.

Let’s have look at some of them.


Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

What to Expect from Amazon Cyber Monday

The popular smart speaker using Alexa as official voice for playing music, reading the news, setting an alarm, control compatible smart devices and answering any burning questions is now retailing at £22 which was previously £49.99.

You get discount of over 38% in this juicy deal.

The 8-inch HD Smart Display connects to Alexa and can play music (with a rich stereo sound).

It can also read news, set alarms, show you the day’s news and more.


Apple iPad (10.2-inch)

What to Expect from Amazon Cyber Monday

Apple is constantly upgrading their technology to compete in business.

Their core focus on design and innovative functionality has led to some amazing products.

Within this category, Apple’s iPad certainly has all the essential features for a tablet.

Some features include high-definition camera, connects to a keyboard and is easily transportable, as it weighs just 493g.

Apple pencil is also complementary in this product increasing its overall value.


Kindle Paperwhite

What to Expect from Amazon Cyber Monday

Kindle Paperwhite is one of the best eBook reader with starting price at $85.

Previously, the cost was $130 with a discount of $45.

On of its kind, Kindle can use wireless networking with an access to unlimited eBooks.

eBooks can be read online along with newspapers, magazines, blogs and other digital media.

This is the best offer on the eBook reader so far. You’ll also win an additional $5 for eBook credit.


Sony WH1000XM3

What to Expect from Amazon Cyber Monday

Sony is not a new name for company associated constantly with headphones and other tech-related accessories.

Amazon is currently featuring Sony WH1000XM3 released in August for $278.

Previously, the price was $350 for these noise-cancelling headphones.

For discount of $72, you will get these headphones featuring “smart listening”.

This functionality helps to adjust the ambient sound based on the location.


Garmin’s premium Fenix 5X Sapphire

If you are a smart watch fanatic, you will surely love this offer with a discount of $40.

Grossing at $361, this GPS watch is just 10% off from the lowest deal price you can possibly get.

For a bonus, you get features like mapping, cycling maps, run profiles, and smart notifications.


Instant Pot

Utensils and dishes are certainly essential for that heavy cooking during holiday season.

More than ever, the chef of the house need their tools and they deserve best of them.

For this holiday season, Amazon is offering the famous Instant Pot, multi-cooker extraordinaire with retailing price of just $65.

Other products may certainly extend way beyond Cyber Monday, but this deal is real limited time offer.


Oral-B Genius 9000

What to Expect from Amazon Cyber Monday

Oral-B is health related company focused on the aspect of oral health and hygiene.

Retailing at £78.99 in Amazon, this toothbrush is quite a product considering its significance in oral care.

It was grossing at £299.99 for a fair reason as it comes with lot of features.

It has a pressure control sensor to alert you when you’re brushing too hard.

Similarly, it has six brushing modes with a round head to get to those narrow spaces in your mouth.



Since it’s the holiday season, watching those old tv shows and serials with your friends and family surely brings out the memories.

Even better, you can enjoy those shows in 55-Inch 4K HDR Smart OLED display for retail price of £1,099.

With a discount of nearly £700, you can get additional features of voice control and optimization connecting to Alexa.


Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Holiday season is surely fun but when you remember the mess from children and packaging, it gets quite annoying.

Don’t you worry because the Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner is grossing at £154 in Amazon.

Previously retailing at £259.99, this vacuum cleaner can transform into a portable vacuum, using the Lift-Away function.

It basically means that you will be able to get those dirt and mess at tight corners around the house in no time.


Final Words

Cyber Monday are subjected to exceptional value generating discount offers and limited stocks.

May be some of them are right when claiming such deals but all of them might not be honest.

Since it is holiday season, retailers and shopping centers will certainly keep an open eye for that pouncing opportunity to get your money from your pocket to theirs.

Only difference is, they will be happy either way.

If you don’t get careful before shopping for the products, you will be screwed.

Amazon is certainly known for their customer service and care but if you don’t buy carefully there is nothing saving you from regret and absolute money loss.

Instead of actually getting beneficial deals, you will be left in sheer agony and money loss.

Holiday season are way for retailers to market their products and make revenue.

You should be wise about getting the things you need and classifying things you may need.

Be sure, Be safe and Happy Holidays.