What if there was no Religion in the World?

world without religion

First came human beings and they dragged Gods along with them. Or is it the other way around?

Because as long as humans exist in this world, it’s obvious that religion does too.

We don’t know and maybe never will how everything came into existence.

Scientists believe that it was the Big Bang. However, for religious people, it’s all a creation of the God almighty.

Religion is such a huge driving force for people in this world. It creates a belief system so strong that people are blindly devoted to it.

From Hindus taking fasts and crowding temples every occasion to Rastafarians smoking cannabis and living “naturally,” religion is spread far and wide.

world without religion

But have you ever wondered what would the world look like if there was no religion? I’m not talking about a specific one; I mean every religion there ever existed.

What would our life be without religion?

There are millions of people in this world living life without religion. Some completely discard the idea of Gods and deities while some keep an open mind and promote spirituality rather than religion.

According to the Pew Research Centre’s 2012 Global Studies of 230 countries and territories, 16% of the population is not affiliated with any religion.

Will it actually help make the world a better place when people don’t differentiate each other on the basis of religion?

We know everything, well; almost everything has a good and a bad side. And so does religion.

The Negative Aspect of Religion.

We all like to believe that every human is created equal i.e. until it’s time to treat everyone equally.

There are 195 countries in the world with more than 7 billion people. Each of these 7 billion people has their own particular belief in Gods.

Yet, we, as in every human make it our point to discriminate people that do not believe in the religion we do.

Religion has so many negative aspects that make you think maybe the world is better off without it.

world without religion

On March 15, 2019, terrible news shunned the whole world.

A white man in New Zealand live-streamed himself entering a mosque and open firing, killing 49 innocent Muslims present there just for prayers.

He did so because he absolutely hated Islam and everyone that followed it.

This explains the conflict religion brings among people. Religion triggers hate crimes and conflicts among people of the same country.

Religion is another major factor that causes discrimination and affirms social hierarchy.

I don’t blame the pioneers that created a religion in the first place. I’m pretty sure they had good intentions.

But as human beings became more social and learned a lot of new things, they added many more things into the religion that wasn’t there in the first place.

Religion also serves as an economic tool for controlling the masses. And this is where the discrimination begins.

The people of the so-called higher class and caste completely control the economic aspect of religion. This gives them more power to control the “lower class”.

This is why people continue with the idea of discrimination and oppression either knowingly or unknowingly.

Not only does religion turn people against each other on the basis that they don’t believe in each other’s ideologies, but it also hinders scientific developments and successes.

The Positive Aspect of Religion.

Reading whatever’s written above might’ve given religion a bad reputation. However, they’re all true.

But that doesn’t mean religion is bad and it only promotes hatred and discrimination. There are so many positive aspects of religion.

For instance, religion help promote peace and harmony. Every religious book teaches and preaches about peace and harmony and how it helps humanity prosper.

world without religion

It is beneficial in achieving and maintaining social stability and cohesiveness around the world and among the people.

Religion gives you a sense of belonging and provides a person with moral values.

Even the ancient societies based their worldviews on religion.

In Conclusion.

No religion ever teaches to spread violence and discrimination. There is not a single religion in the world that doesn’t believe in peace, love, and harmony.

People created a religion to bring people together and live in an understanding that everyone is equal.

We can’t blame religion for the state of humanity we’re in right now.

Religion was never created in order to discriminate people who don’t believe in the gods you believe in. Or the ones that don’t believe in god at all.

It was created keeping in mind that humans need some sort of fear in their minds that could stop them from doing the wrong thing.

world without religion

Where we went wrong was when people started taking religion for granted. The moment people from every religion had an idea (a very stupid idea) that they were superior to everyone else, is when religion took a negative turn.

The hate crimes that are increasing on a daily basis are not because religion encourages it. This happens because of the hate people have inside of them.

So, religion is not at fault here but human beings are.

In my opinion, the world would still be the same even if religion didn’t exist. Because human beings still do.

Discrimination or hate crimes against religion might not exist if religion didn’t exist.

However, until and unless people don’t change the way they think and stop thinking they’re the superior being, the world will still be the same.

The world will still be full of negativity, violence, hate, discrimination, and killing.

But if human beings start seeing every person and every religion as one, it’’’ definitely bring positive change.

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