What if There Was No Government in The World

What if There Was No Government in The World

Maybe you have never thought about the life of the general citizen if there was no government.

What can you picture when you think of it? Do you believe that government plays a role in people’s lives?

People might have different thoughts on what if there was no government?

But, have you ever dragged your mind towards what would happen if there was no government?

You don’t need to go far to answer this. Get the scenario of your parents or elder not being at home.

Would you be under any rules? Be scared of anyone? Or follow any rules?


Here is the Answer to all Your Questions

What if There Was No Government in The World

“NO” If you did not have a government, you would never be under any legal obligations.

Also, the society that you live in would be free of all the legal entities.

People would roam around doing shits that gives pleasure to the heart.

There would be social anarchy and chaos.

Without government, there would be no ruler and no rules at all.

Everyone would be completely free, which would ultimately bring a hindrance to the development of society and an individual too.

Moreover, if there were no government, people with high power would try to emerge as rulers.

They would try to dominate the public and exercise their control.

And if the people objected to their thoughts, they would ultimately kill the opponent.

So, can you make a scene in your head about how a country would be like if there were no government?

Imagine you wake up on the road, all alone.

A person would come with a knife and then steal everything you have.

Could you reach up to the police if there was no government? Would anyone happen to save you?

What about the financial markets? How about the judiciary and law? What about equality and equity?

Would the survival of humans be possible? Could people be happy?

Would they be literate? Like lawyers have an impact on people today, would that be possible without government?

Would there be peace in the world?

There are so many questions to the fact that the government not being there to serve a country.

Although, good or bad government plays a significant role in shaping society and a country which in turn forms an individual too.

For the existence of the law, you require government.

There would be no law enforcement if there were no government.

Also, people would fight for things that they aren’t supposed to. The world would fall apart with no rulers.

Furthermore, people with much wealth would always be lifting, and backward people would be dragging down.

You can imagine the consequences when this happens.

With the existence of government, there would be tax enforcement.

The people below the poverty line would be affected in a significant way.

So, the world without government would not be an excellent place to live.

Good economy would be a complete hoax, and people would struggle for their fundamental rights.

Additionally, people and society would break down.

With rising chaos, there would be an increase in the crime rates, and people would start using their weapons on one another.

Natural resources would lose their value with no proper use.

The rivers would dry up, and the snow would melt.

Without protection, the endangered species would no longer survive and be placed in history.

People would face a crisis at every point in their life and curse their survival.

With no government and no use of resources in the right way, there would not be any development.

People would still in the stone age struggling hard to get into this modern world.

Values would extinct from the world.

People would be dragged more towards violence.

There would be no love, no sympathy, no harmony, and no feelings of togetherness.

Also, there would be no awareness, no peace, and no order. There would be nothing if there were no government.

Hence, people thinking about what if there was no government is completely foggy thinking.

These grey woods of the mind might sometime lead people to think about life without governing bodies in their country.

But, the role of government can not be neglected.

Although unnoticed by certain people, the government has a decisive role that helps for the betterment of everyone in society.