What if Life was Fair?

if life was fair

Life, as we’re told is created equal for everybody. We come to this world, naked, crawling out of our mothers, closed eyes, with no clue of what is going on.

Similarly, we go out from this world naked, buried into the grounds or smoked up in flames. Come to think of it, life actually is created equal when it begins.

But does it really apply after initially opening our eyes? I think not.

For example, let’s take a look around ourselves. We see people driving around in expensive cars, carrying expensive gadgets, wearing designer clothes and shoes.

And on the same path, we see people holding bowls and putting up signs trying to collect money and survive another day.

And then there are people rushing to get inside a bus that can barely hold another human.

Life is not fair for everyone and this is an inevitable truth. You might say the only fairness we get from life is death. But sometimes death takes away the life of someone so pure and innocent, even death cannot be fair.

Violence, rape, terrorism, and a thousand more crimes happen in this world daily. But the victim that went through all that suffers more than the person committing the crime.

Life is not a movie. No one will script it and direct your life. Even if you do want to take it as a film, you’re your own actor, director, producer, writer, and everything else.

But have you ever imagined how life would be if it was fair?


What would happen if life becomes fair?

This is a question that should be asked frequently but doesn’t. Think about it, what would happen if suddenly life becomes fair? What if this world magically changed and everything you do is justified?

Imagine getting paid exactly what you’re worth. Think about people treating you exactly how you treat them. You don’t have to explain yourself for following your dreams and get what you deserve.

Disappointing your family for following your dreams is something you won’t have to worry about. You don’t have to justify yourself for why you chose music over a business.

Imagine people not going to jail for the crimes they did not commit and vice versa. How perfect our lives would be? You don’t have to compete and fight your way through to get the position you wanted at work.

Since life would be so fair, you don’t have to worry about fulfilling your dreams or achieving your goals. You’d get it all without any difficulty.

As far as I remember, isn’t life all about the struggles and difficulties and how you get over it? Isn’t it about us getting up stronger every time we fall?

What good would it be to not experience the life fully? We would all be a bunch of spoiled brats if life was fair.

It might be a good thing for the ones that are denied justice and are falsely accused. For people who need to learn lessons from life, it’s no good if life was fair.


Should life be fair?

Life for me is a combination of happiness and sadness. It is a bittersweet journey filled with ups and downs, struggles and achievements, failure and success.

You know how our heart beats, right? A line that goes up and down as it beats which indicates that we’re alive. Once the line becomes straight with no movement, it means our time has come.

The life we all live becomes similar if it’s fair and we don’t have to compete or strive for the best. If we just get everything we think we deserve it becomes horizontal, hence, dead.


Who would want to live a dull and boring life that goes exactly how we want it? That too all without having to experience the failures, the downs, and the difficulties that actually shapes us.

I do believe that we deserve fairness. I think we should be able to get what we deserve. People around the world should be treated equally and should at least, get their basic rights if not all.

But I don’t know if life should be fair. I don’t believe in the achievements you’ve made without any effort. I don’t personally want a life that is easy where everything runs our way.

If we need fairness, we have to fight for it. We need to work hard and give our everything and then dream about what would happen if life was fair.

Life is what you make out of it. Sitting around waiting for everything to be fair is a waste of time. And honestly, life would be so dull and boring if it was fair.

So, stop thinking about why life isn’t fair and start working towards making it.

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