What Does Your Body Language Tell About You

What Does Your Body Language Tell About You

Generally, musical is regarded as the universal language which connects people throughout the entire world.

But, did you know there’s something else than music that connect people?

Body language may not exactly connect people throughout the entire world, but somehow people surrounding us.

This non-verbal communication clearly communicated feelings of happiness, sadness, bitterness and fear through your gestures and postures, when words doesn’t.

Hence, being aware and understanding your body language signs is extremely essential, especially in this business world.

With this in mind, we have jotted down things you’re communicating with your body language without even realizing it.


Why Does Body Language Matter?

What Does Your Body Language Tell About You

Ancient humans assessed body signals from a distance, thousands of years ago to determine whether a person is safe or not.

Although now we don’t deal with those kinds of situations, our brains still relays on determining how a person is through his/her body language.

For instance, when you fast walk into a room full of people for an interview and you start getting nervous seeing them.

Then you start making weird postures, scratching your head, and making weird faces.

You will immediately get rejected even if you meet every criteria for the job.

So, some body language tips for you in almost every case to stand out is to have a great posture, hand gesture, and facial expression.

This will make you look more confident, attractive, and successful inform of the people you pass through.


Some Body Language Examples


Firm Handshake

What Does Your Body Language Tell About You

If you want potential employers or clients to think you’re worthy and viable, then make sure that your handshake is firm and strong.

According to an article published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, better handshakes were perceived as more hirable.

A soft handshake always puts a negative impression and makes people think you are not prepared or weak, especially in business scenario.

So, be aware of your body language and try to improve your handshake techniques every time you are giving an interview or meeting your colleagues.



What Does Your Body Language Tell About You

Blinking is natural and you can’t stop it.

However, you should pay attention to whether you are blinking too much or too little.

People often blink rapidly when they are feeling distressed or uncomfortable.

On the other hand, infrequent blinking may indicate that you are intentionally trying to control your eye moment.

So, in this case try to focus on your communication with the other person more and less on your eyes.

In case if you feel uncomfortable try to change the topic.


Eye Gaze 

What Does Your Body Language Tell About You

When a person directly looks into your eye while having a conversation that means he/she is paying attention.

You might frequently notice this body language in presentations.

When you are giving a speech, you see two kinds of people.

People who looks into your eyes or face and nods his/her head and people who keep moving their body postures or are busy with their phones.

Breaking eye contact and frequently looking away might indicate that you are distracted, uncomfortable or bored.

So, keeping an eye contact is a very important part of body language in communication to make sure that you are paying attention.

However, that doesn’t mean you glare into one’s eyes for several minutes.

That completely changes the meaning and they might get frightened as well.

So, it is really important to be aware of what you are communication through your body language and with whom.


Leaning over the Desk

What Does Your Body Language Tell About You

Next time when you have a meeting or encounter with your boss, make sure to look at the way they are standing at their desk.

If your boss is leaning over the desk with his hands spread apart, that means he has dominant personality.

But, if your boss is standing firmly besides the desk and giving a nice smile at you, that means he has some leadership qualities in him.

In case, if you are the boss and want to show your employees that you are dominant, you can use this body language.


Hands on Your Face

One of the most common body language in communication that probably everyone notices is putting hand on the face.

According to Business Insider, using your hands as a barrier between your face and the person with whom you’re talking indicated nervousness, and self-consciousness.

Especially when you go for a job interview and you start putting your hand on your face, the interviewer will immediately know your personality.

In case of sales pitch, it could show that your customer is uncomfortable and unsure.

There may be something they are worried about. So, asking them if they have any questions or concerns is a great idea.


Biting Lips

Most people have nervous tricks when they find themselves in uncomfortable situations.

And one of those is biting lips while having a conversation.

This gesture clearly indicates that they are worried, anxious, or stressed.

According to body language expert Janine Driver, this action says that you’re holding something back.


Hand Gestures

When you’re in a tricky negotiation with your clients, it can be hard to know when to keep pushing and when to settle.

If the person makes gestures with their palms facing down, that’s a close and dominant position.

That means they won’t deal with you anymore, so in that case you need to stop pushing yourself.

However, if they have their palms facing up, you can keep on negotiating with them.


Strong Voice

Vocal tone falls under the broad category of body language signs.

They’re just as telling as any other tricks and movements you might make while communicating.

With good postures and dress, voice is something that adds more power to your personality.

According to a survey conducted by Quantified Communications, people who speak with normal voices or with voices that are low, strong and smooth are generally intelligent and successful.

The more powerful and strong your voice is, the more dominant you are.


Legs Crossed

When you are having a business deal, the last thing you want to see is a pair of crossed legs.

According to psychologist Travis Bradberry, this body language is a “signal that a person is mentally, emotionally, and physically closed off”.

This isn’t the exact character traits when it comes to negotiations and business transactions.

So, be self-aware of these body languages that can cause you a huge loss.