Wendy Zukerman Bio, Age, Husband, Podcast, Mother

Wendy Zukerman Bio, Age, Husband, Podcast, Mother

Wendy Zukerman is an Australian science journalist, founder, and host of Gimlet Media’s popular podcast ScienceVs. Gimlet Media, a Brooklyn-based digital media company is behind the podcast of Science Vs. Her podcast serves on communicating science to non-scientists. Moreover, at first, her show was produced and distributed through the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Early Life

Zukerman was born in the US but brought up in Melbourne, Australia. However, she has not mentioned her age, and date of birth. She joined Monash University and obtained a degree in Biomedical Science and Law. An extreme enthusiasm toward scientific journalism let her internship at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

Wendy Zukerman early life, Bio
Wendy Zukerman in her early 20’s, TheTempest

Moreover, Zukerman has worked on Catalyst’s documentary television program and The Checkout for the (ABC). In addition, She has also written for various publications. New Scientist Magazine, Cosmos Magazine, The Times, The Australian, and Saturday Post are her most viewed publications.

Personal: Father & Mother

In interviews, Wendy  Zukerman stated that although she always had an interest in science from an early age. She wasn’t really on the road to science journalism. However, some time she thought about political journalism and initially planned to work in corporate law after her studies.

Her legacy may have been influenced by one factor, family. Zukerman has shown her father and mother are scientists while her mom is an IT professor. Well her father works as an electrical engineering field. Talking about her husband, she has successfully hidden the information from the public eye.  Zukerman has called his mother a favorite and personal hero, remembering that her mother came into the field of computer science much earlier.

Science Vs

Gimlet Media, a Brooklyn-based digital media service, has been making its podcast Science Vs in October 2015. Reportedly, Science Vs was produced and distributed in the course of the first run podcast program of ABC Radio.

Science Vs | Gimlet

Further, The radio show works on non-scientists communicating science. The show adopts a myth-busting method, and the show’s subjects usually come from controversial current events. Zukerman has covered various episodes such as Immigration, arms control, fantasy, change in climate, acne, and antidepressants.


Though Wendy Zukerman has claimed to be searching for a balance and under mindful presentation of information through the media. In addition, Some of the listeners of Science Vs accused the podcast, through informal feedback, of presenting a bias in its more controversial episodes.

Wendy Zukerman in a show
Wendy Zukerman in a show, Wiki

Nevertheless, Science Vs has not backed up from the heavily discussed issues, including parental attachment, hydraulic fracturing, genetic engineering, and arms control.

“The toughest part of making Science Vs is to convince people that we do not have an agenda,”said Zukerman in relation to these allegations.

In the US, all the news is partisan, so there are no facts, only opinions, even in the news.


Wendy Zukerman is a Sydney-based science journalist who frequently talks on radio and television about scientific and technological. Also, She operated for ABC’s The Checkout and Catalyst.

Science Vs gained insight through a wide range of research fields, including fad diets, globalization, female sexuality as well as artificial sulfur and nuclear power. It has gained a wide range of followers in Australia and subsequently in the United States.

For a season before the acquisition by Gimlet Media, Science Vs was broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation from Sydney. The podcast reached more than 1.3 million downloads during the first season.

Zukerman had been an Asia Pacifical reporter for the weekly International Science Magazine, New Scientist for ABC News and Catalyst, a science research service. Prior to that, she had also contributed to Australian publications such as The Saturday Paper and Cosmos (magazine). Zukerman maintains an informal Twitter account in conjunction with her work and research.

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