Weirdest Jobs around the World

weirdest jobs

It’s not a compulsion that every human in the plant has to be either a doctor or engineer. Or take up professions that people consider normal and respectable.

People also end up doing things that are illegal or simply unacceptable by society.

However, there are few jobs that are so weird, it makes you squint. And the fact that people get paid to do all these weird jobs just blows my mind.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the world’s weirdest jobs that people actually get paid to do.

Professional Sleeper.

Professional Sleeper

The moment I heard that this job exists, I wanted to pack my bag and leave for Finland. Its because a hotel in Finland hires people to sleep in their hotel beds.

The professional sleeper has to test the comfort of all the beds in the hotel. They then write a review on the level of satisfaction.

Another sector that requires professional sleepers is science. This is where scientists conduct research on sleep disorders while professional sleepers doze off.

Professional Sniffer.

Professional Sniffer

What a time to be alive for people that go around sniffing other people’s business. Rejoice, because you can actually get paid to sniff around.

The business here in question is people’s breath, armpits, and feet.

Fragrance companies hire people to sniff different body parts just to make sure their products are working well.

Also, toothpaste and mint companies hire people to smell people’s breath to make sure it’s working well.

But the weirdest of them all is paper towel company hiring people to sniff paper towels.

It’s done to ensure that the toilet papers don’t smell awful before, during, and after the use.

Dog Food Taster.

There still are people wondering who tastes dog foods and approve. Well, to clear your doubts, it’s not dogs.

Dog food companies actually hire humans to taste their product for approval. And it includes bones, biscuits, and tinned meat.

They taste it for flavor and texture in comparison to other dog food brands and human food.

Car Plate Blocker.

A little bonkers to hear but yes, there are people that get paid to block car’s number plates.

The Iranian government, in order to reduce road congestion, made a rule. People can drive their vehicles on alternate days depending on their number plates.

So, to save themselves from getting captured, people in Iran hire other people to walk behind their cars and hide the number plate.

Paint Drying Watcher.

Paint Drying Watcher

It might surprise you but people get paid just to watch paint dry.

A man in the UK spends his days painting sheets of cardboard in different paints.

And his job is to watch it dry. And as it dries, he tests the time the paint takes to dry and the changes in color and texture.

Legal Bank Robber.

Legal Bank Robber

There is a job where you could actually rob a bank without a legal hassle.

It is called “Penetration Tester” and it exists to test the levels of security of banks.

Previously, it was just limited to robbing a bank by getting into it. But due to the rising modern threat, it extends to identity theft, computer hacking, impersonating, etc.

All the crazy jobs in Japan.

Japan is undoubtedly a weird place filled with really weird people. So, hearing that people do some really weird job there isn’t really surprising.

There is a whole range of weird jobs in Japan people willingly do.

There are people who push other people into the carriages of really pack trains.

You can be a professional cuddler and cuddle the day away with strangers on their bed. You can also be their rental boyfriend or girlfriend and make people feel like they’re not single.

Of, you can actually become a professional tear wiper and wipe away tears of strangers. Along with wiping the tears, you’re actually giving emotional support to those who need it.

And if that’s not your thing you can actually become a professional apologizer. You can actually earn a lot of cash for just sending an “I’m sorry” text or email or say it on the phone or face-to-face.

Other weird jobs Japanese people do are vending machine placement scouts, vinegar sommelier, wedding guest, international hand carrier, etc.

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