Washington: 8 Weird and Unusual Places to Visit

Every country and every state has its particular share of tourist attractions and history that people are interested to know.

If you are a person who loves to travel and explore new things, Washington is a great place to travel.

Washington is a state rich and famous attractions including The Space Needle in Seattle and White Water Rafting in Spokane.

These are the attractions that most people who travel know but there are number of wired attractions in Washington.

In this article we bring you some of the wired and unusual places in Washington which is worth to see.


Belfry Oddities

Washington: 8 Weird and Unusual Places to Visit

If you are a person who likes places that are less crowded or touristy, Belfry Oddities is best to try in Washington.

There is an impressive display of human and animal bones, jarred specimens, and other natural history items stored.

All the animal heads present there are ethically sourced with no cruel hunters or poachers. So, there is nothing to worry about.


Ye Olde Curiosity Shop

Washington: 8 Weird and Unusual Places to Visit

This place is an iconic novelty gift shop that has been open since 1899. Set on Pier 54 overlooking Seattle’s beautiful Elliott Bay, this place is unusually yet worth to visit.

The shop specializes in things that are offbeat and weird of the variety you might find in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

Along with the unusual Seattle memento t-shirts and short glasses, there are honest to goodness individualizes scattered throughout.


Bob’s Java Jive

Washington: 8 Weird and Unusual Places to Visit

Located in Tacoma, Washington Bob’s Java Jive can be found ta 2102 S Tacoma Way which opens around 8 pm every day.

This is one of the world’s biggest coffee pot in Washington which is worth to visit.

Bob’s Java Jive used to be a coffee shop but it went out of business a long time ago.

Hence, the new owners reopened this unusual place as a club back then which is still functioning till now.

The architecture of this place is shaped as a coffee pot which makes it look even more attractive.


Barron Ghost Town

Washington: 8 Weird and Unusual Places to Visit

If you want to visit somewhere far from the town of Washington and if you love something horror, Barron Ghost Town is perfect to see.

This place is located 4.5 hours northeast of Seattle and is the most intact ghost town in the Washington.

You can take a look at both intact and collapsed wooden structures, mechanical remnants, and mining shafts that you can actually explore.


Hobbit House

For the fans of “Lord of the Rings’ who may not be able to make the pilgrimage to New Zealand, Hobbit House is there for you.

This place is located in Port Orchard Washington which is a piece of Middle Earth to the Pacific Northwest.

The owner of the greenhouse built the hobbit house themselves. It is open for the public to visit during greenhouse business hours.


Marvin Carr’s Museum

The story of Marvin Carr’s Museum began when a person named Marvin Carr, a retired railroad worker earned money through stock market.

Later, with that money he started a museum of the variety of weird stuff he had collected over the years.

Unlike most weird museums, it has no main theme but instead consists almost entirely of things that Carr thought were interesting.

This museum is located at 5225 N. Freya St., Spokane, Washington, which is worth to see as weird and unusual place.


Marsh’s Free Museum

This is another one of those weird and unusual museums in Long Beach, Washington that features medical peculiarities.

In the museum you can see things like a one eyed lamb and an Alligator Man.

The owner of the museum moved it from original location to right across the street from the World’s Largest Frying Pan.

This Museum is located at 409 Pacific Ave. S., Long Beach, Washington.


The Robot Hut

The next wired and unusual place to visit in Washington is the Robot Hut.

This hut can be visited only by appointment because the owner found that showing his collections of detailed robots was too time consuming.

Although, if you are really passionate about the Robot Hut and robots you will get a chance to see some of his works.

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