Using AIDA Guidelines To Make Your Job Advertisement

You surely want a lot of people to see your job adverts.

There are many things that you should keep in mind while designing a job advertisement.

But the AIDA principle brings it down to basic four points to remember.

A good advertisement should capture the attention of the reader.

At the same time it should be simplistic and easy to understand.

The AIDA model that we are learning today is made up of four components.

The acronyms stand for Attention, Interest, Desire and Action.

It is believed that each one of these four principles are vital for an advertisement to succeed.

There are plenty of  job advertisements examples that can prove just that.

We all know that there are various ways in which you can make your advertisements attractive.

Organizations hire tons of marketing specialists and designers.

These people help the organization to make the advertisement more captivating.

But they should not forget the core component that makes their advertisements successful.

With the help of AIDA principle you can design the best possible job advertisement for your company.


General Tips to Make Job Advertisement more Effective


1. Don’t forget the basics:

There are certain things that are a must have in a job advertisement.

The information such as the post, title and the company is very important for the reader.

The reader needs to look at the job advert and want to apply for the position.

The purpose of the job ad is to make people apply for a certain post.

However, it is important that only the deserving candidates apply.

The skill and qualifications required for the post should be transparent.

You can also use tag lines that will gather the attention of the reader.

The job advertisement should give them a reason to apply. You may as well create a checklist of the important stuff and make sure you include them.


2. Keep it simple yet classy:

When the advertisement is simple it attracts a larger crowd. People will not want to waste time in trying to understand your job advertisements.

A flashy template might divert the attention of the reader instead of the main purpose.

So, you should invest time in designing something that is sophisticated in the design at the same time very simple to understand.

A  job advertisement sample or example could be:

IBM job advertisement


3. Know the difference between job title, description and specification:

Most people do not understand that there is a difference between job title, description and specification.

However, these things are very different. It is important that before you design the ads you understand it.

The role of each these specifications are important. So, before you keep it all in one paragraph, learn it. 


4. Use Visual Tools:

There are many tools that you can use in order to design the job advertisements. Most of the times these advertisements give a better result than normal ones.

Job advertisements example

This is a perfect example of how it should not look like.

The large number of information distracts the leaders. The lack of proper visual representation makes it less captivating as well.


5. Give enough information about yourself:

The applicants need to know about you.

It is not necessary that all of the people who see your job advertisement know your company.

It’s a way in which you can make an impression about yourself to the readers.

So, find catchy phrases to introduce yourself. Along with that give the required information because they need to know where to contact you.

Job advertisement example

As in the advertisement above you can give information about yourself through social media links. At present you can also place a QR code in the job advertisements.

Along with these basic things you can use AIDA model. Using AIDA principle in your job advertisement will help to improve your reach to the potential candidates.


What is meant by AIDA model?

The AIDA model has been used in marketing since the late 19th century.

Through the steps it explain how the customer goes through the purchasing process.

There are four major steps involved in this process. It is pretty similar for job advertisements.

  • Attention

  • Interest

  • Desire

  • Action


How to use AIDA principle to make job advertisements: explained with examples.

AIDA guidelines can make your job advertisements so much better.

You can use these principle with the tips that you learnt above to make your job advertisements more effective.

So, here I will explain how you can use it to make it effective.


  • Attention:

For the first step of the process you need to make the advertisement attractive.

You need to design your ad in such a way that it captures the attention of the reader.

Especially when there are so many information that a person sees everyday. In order for the candidate to notice your advertisement it should be capturing.

You may also use visual aids, creative taglines and punchlines.

However, it is very important that these taglines are places in the right place in the ads.

You can be humorous in the ad or sarcastic to a certain extent but make sure it doesn’t push away your candidate.

An example for this ads using this principle could be:

AIDA guidelines in job ads


  • Interest:

The second step after you have captured the attention of the reader is to create a sense of interest.

Even if the ad is capturing it is important that it is interesting for the group of people that you are actually targeting.

One of the best job advertisement sample using AIDA principle is this ad:

AIDA Model


  • Desire

The job advertisement should create a sense of desire to the reader.

It is of no use if the reader decides to do nothing about the ad even if he is interested.

So, in order to motivate the candidate to apply there should be a certain feature in your ad that will make them apply for the job.

As shown in the microsoft ad above, they have also given the salary information in the ad itself.

This can make an applicant more interested in the job. Below is one of the job advertisement examples that you could learn from:


  • Action:

As per the AIDA principle is vital that there is a certain component in your advertisement that makes the reader want to take certain action.

In this case, the candidate should make an effort to apply for the job.

Using of phrases like “can you do this?” or “Do you think you’re capable?” challenges people to do it.

It is one of the classic tricks of making people fall for something. You can make them take the action through your words.

AIDA principle

In this above ad it is clear that the company wants the candidate to do something.

It is compelling the reader to talk to them. And this is exactly what you expect from a good advertisement.