Useless Things Learned In School That We Never Use

useless things learned in school

We are all tied with the fact that the school teaches a lot. Also, we have a belief that the learning process of kids starts right from the first day of their school. However, the things we learn in our school is not always useful in our daily life. Notably, there are certain things to be changed regarding the approach; the modern-day schools use while teaching kids.

People consider school learning as a new door to different opportunities. However, most of the things taught in school are not applicable in real life. Does the school teach us anything useful? Yes, the school teaches us valuable things, but there are certain things that school teach, which we never use in our life.

Most Useless Things Learned in School
Useless Things We Learned in School
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Let’s look at some of the useless things that school teachers use, which we never use in life after schooling.

1. Unnecessary Things Learned in School Includes Reciting Periodic Table

Out of all the pointless things that we learn in school, quoting a periodic table comes in the first place. We all know that school makes us recite the periodic table. Sadly, it never comes into use.

2. Building a Solar System

Do you all remember building the solar system in school? Can you guess why you were taught to build a solar system? Probably, you will never use this knowledge in your lifetime.

3. Making Box and Whisker Plot

Where do you use the box and whisker plot? But, it was one of the vital essentials in school.

4. Algebraic Equations – Useless Things Learned in School

Of all the unnecessary stuff learned in school, algebraic equations also have a significant place. Where do students use algebraic equations now? So, it’s clear that most of the things we learned are the pointless things learned in high school.

5. The Long Division

If you passed the long division examination in the maths test, you were a real hero. But, where do you use this useless thing learned in school?

6. Paper Works is one of the Useless Things Learned in School

Schools give a lot of focus on the paperwork. However, we do not use it when we leave school.

7. Using An Abacus

Who uses abacus in the present world? But, the school taught us to use it? So, where will we use it now?

8. How to Use a Dictionary

Although it was essential in the beginning, it is not necessary for the 21st century. The world of internet and google no longer makes it satisfying to use a dictionary.

9. Writing in Cursive- The Most Useless Things Learned in School

If you were a victim of lousy handwriting in school, you would feel the pressure of writing in cursive. Also, you will be mad at schooling because it was one of the pointless things learned in high school. Calm down and think about why does the school teach you useless things.

10. Read Coursebooks Only

Does the school teach us anything useful? Yes, it does. Ironically, the teachers told us not to read books other than textbooks. Do you not think this is pointless and the useless thing you learned in school?

11. How to Color

Coloring and drawing classes are the best classes in school. But is also the unnecessary things learned in school. Where do we use those coloring techniques now? Sadly, nowhere. But, the school teaches about self-care, which is essential.

12. Latin History

Most of the school and high school around the globe teach about Latin history with no realization that it is one of the pointless things learned in high school. There’s no place we use the knowledge of Latin history now.

Why does the school teach you useless things?

Because the education system is not updated, the schools get forced to teach pointless and useless things. Let’s hope the education system will get updated soon, and the students should not worry about cursive writing and long division anymore.

Does the school teach us anything useful?

Useful Vs Useless Things Learned in school
Useless Vs., Useful Things Learned in School
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Although school taught us to fail in real life, there are a lot of useful things learned in school. School teaches us patience and develops a will to study, which becomes helpful in the future. Hence, you should not underestimate the power of schooling, viewing the useless things learned in school.