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Use of coloured contact lenses to enhance your beauty

use of coloured contact lenses

Coloured contact lenses are an excellent addition to your look by changing your eye colour. They can complement your makeup very well. However, you can’t just wear any coloured contact lenses and expect great results. To maximize your look, you need to choose the right colour.

Choosing the right colour depends on a variety of factors. What’s right for you may not be right for another individual and vice versa. If you’re unsure what colours will suit you, then don’t worry. We can help you there.

In this post, you’ll learn how to use coloured contacts to enhance your beauty routine, starting from the different tints of coloured lenses to using makeup according to your lens colour. 

1. Understand the different tints as per eye colour.

Coloured contacts enable you to change your eye colour in an instant. The question is: how do they do that?

Coloured contacts mimic the coloured part of your eye, which is called the iris. Manufacturers even design coloured contacts with lines and dots similar to what you would see on the iris to make the lenses look as natural as possible.

Coloured contact lenses generally come in the following three tints:

  • Visibility tint – These are clear contact lenses that have a faint green or blue tint. The tint’s purpose is to enable the wearer to see the lenses more clearly during application or removal. Wearing visibility tint lenses won’t change your eye colour.
  • Enhancement tint – Compared to visibility tint lenses, enhancement tint lenses are translucent and have darker colouring. These types of lenses don’t change your eye colour. They only make the natural colour of your eyes look more vibrant.
  • Opaque tint – Unlike enhancement tint lenses, opaque tint lenses are solid. They can completely change the colour of your eyes, and they come in a variety of colours, including blue, green, grey, and brown.

Knowing the different tints of coloured contacts available to you will allow you to make the best possible decision.

2. Determine the use of coloured contact lenses you need.

Do you already wear contact lenses for vision correction and just want to wear coloured lenses to spice up your look? Maybe you have 20/20 vision and want to wear coloured contacts specifically to add to your beauty or makeup routine?

Whatever the case, you can be sure that there are coloured lenses available for you. There are coloured lenses that provide vision correction, and there are coloured contacts that are Plano. Plano contact lenses do not provide vision correction, and people wear them purely for cosmetic reasons.

Keep in mind, though, that the FDA still considers coloured lenses as medical devices. You’ll have to visit your eye care professional and get a prescription if you want to buy coloured contacts. 

The good news is that getting a valid prescription is easier than ever. Ecommerce contact lens stores and eyecare websites now offer online vision tests that provide you with a valid prescription after. Online vision tests are accurate, convenient, and 100% safe since you do them from the comfort of your own home.

3. Choose coloured contacts that match with your skin tone.

When thinking about what particular colour (or colours) to purchase, it’s vital to choose a colour that complements your skin tone. Why? Because not every colour is suitable for every skin tone. Wearing coloured lenses that work well with your complexion is going you to give the beautiful, stunning look that you want.

While choosing the colour of your lenses isn’t an exact science, you can follow these guidelines:

  • Fair skin – Contact lenses with shades of blue, grey, and even violet will look great on you if you have a fair complexion. Wearing aqua, turquoise, purple, and light grey are excellent options that will make your eyes shine bright.
  • Medium or tanned skin – You have a wide range of colours to choose from if you have medium-toned skin, which means your complexion is olive or beige. You’ll look good wearing green, brown, hazel, or grey contact lenses.
  • Warm skin – Your skin tone is warm if your complexion ranges from wheat-coloured (light brown) to dark brown. Honey, brown, hazel, dark grey and other warm-coloured contact lenses are ideal for your skin tone.

4. Follow the colour wheel.

The colour wheel plays a significant role when you wear makeup while also wearing coloured contacts. You might feel tempted to match the colour of your makeup to the colour of your lense, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, when it comes to wearing makeup with coloured contact lenses, using colour contrasts is the way to go.

colour wheel

To get a better idea of colour contrasts, look at the image above. Here’s an example of how to use the colour wheel:

Let’s say you’re wearing contact lenses in a shade of green. On the colour wheel, the colour that’s opposite green is violet. You can bring out the colour of your contact lenses by using violet or purple eyeliner. On the other hand, if you’re wearing blue contact lenses, you can use makeup in shades of brown, bronze, copper, and even gold.


Wearing coloured contact lenses is a great way to elevate your everyday look. To make the most out of your coloured contact lenses, make sure you know the different tints available, what type of contact lenses you need, choose colours based on your skin tone, and follow the colour wheel when applying makeup.

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