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Twitter Super Follow: How It Works

 Twitter is rolling out super follows in June after opening the application. It’s a premium subscription option that is starting from today. Firstly, the feature was revealed in February. 

The feature allows the user to subscribe to the accounts they like in exchange for exclusive content for a monthly subscription fee. Moreover, super follows is very useful too for creators. As across social media, it is the emerging patchwork of monetization options. 

About the Super Follow:

Super follow is a new feature on Twitter that allows the most followed user to generate revenue from their followers. However, the access to super follow is limited. It is a way to engage followers and help them to earn money for their contributions. Also,  allows the super followers to bonus Tweets when someone offers a new subscription option. 

It only allows a user with at least 10,000 followers to be eligible for the feature. Moreover, the user should be 18, in the U.S, and have tweeted before 30 days more than 25 times. If someone super follows another Twitter user will have a specific badge on their profile. 

Super Follow Content:

According to Twitter, the content is unfiltered thoughts, early previews, exclusive announcements, and subscriber conversation. It facilitates different working professionals to offer their sessions. Also, experts can share their exclusive interviews with super followers with special public badges on Twitter.

The badge will only appear when the reply to the creator’s tweets. Furthermore, the option of a super follow button will appear on that person’s profile with the content and price of a description. As in order to pay for the app, it is required to pay to the account.

However, it only comes after Twitter shut down its Fleet feature in less than a month. It is like a temporary Snapchat post that disappears after 24 hours.

You can also Retweet and Quote Tweet Super Follows Tweets. As it only allows Super Followers to see Retweets, Direct Messages, or shared links. Although it instructs the Super Follow creator to see the Super follow Tweet. But it doesn’t allow any Non-subscriber to see comments in a Quote Tweet.


Price for Super Follow Subscription:

The subscription for Super Follows eligible accounts to set the price. The option of charging per month is $2.99 or $9.99. The prices are comparable to newsletters.  

There is also an option for subscribers to choose to mark some tweets. However, this option is only for subscribers. This option help to continue to reach twitter’s unpaid follower on the basis of regular tweets. 

Paid Subscription 

Twitter marks its paid subscribers with a special Super Followers badge. In the sea of tweets, it is different from unpaid followers. Moreover, elevating the ability of followers to interact directly, the badge shows up in replies with accounts they opt to support. 

There is an option with a direct button on the profile page for the accounts with super followers tuned on. However, it is not turned on for everyone. The process remains as an application for now with a waitlist.

Furthermore, starting from today, the U.S. and Canada-based iOS Twitter users will be able to Super Follow some accounts. In this coming week, they will be able with more users globally seeing the rollout. However, on the creator side, it only enables iOS for now and soon it will support Andriod and desktop. 


According to Twitter, the income of Super Follow will be subject to the standard. Apple/Google collected 30% in-app purchase fees through controversial. Moreover, Twitter will only take 3% up to the first $50,000 cut of earnings generated through Super Follows. 

It is a boon for the smaller accounts to get off the ground. Also, the paid Twitter feature is used as a way to supplement another income creator. Furthermore, Twitter will take a 20% cut after the account hits the $50,000 earnings mark. 

This feature is not the first monetization experiment of Twitter to make it out in the wild. Twitter introduced Tip Jar in May. It is a way for accounts to receive one-time payments through Cash App and other payment methods. However, this test only limits a subset of eligible accounts including journalists, experts, and nonprofits.