True Crime: Why are Women So Obsessed With It

Ever wondered by women are so obsessed with true crime stories?

This reveals a lot about our society. True Crime Shows and books can have different seductive power in the life of a woman.

This is because the dark side of human psychology attracts them more.

Also, it might be because of the trauma that someday has faced.

In some ways, true crime books even obsess women because are a victim of something related to it.

Hence, a lot of studies reveals that true crime obsessed people are usually women.


Why are woman so Obsessed with true crime stories?

True Crime: Why are Women So Obsessed With It

Famous journalist Rachel Monroe has a theory about true crime stories and their relationship with women.

According to her opinion, she has shown that true crime stories give the woman the power to explore about their vulnerability to the world.

While women see a true crime show or a movie, they might be able to look at the world in a different method way, which will help them to go through their anxiety.

In the modern society where women are in the verse of danger and need protection, true crime stories obsess them.

That’s because small part of stories where they can find sometimes highly attract them.

Also, because women face violence and suffocation in society, true crime draws their attention.

Moreover, the psychology of a woman has very high pressure on the true crime show.

It can show how a woman can get individually affected by the complicated factors of life, which can help them to explore their vulnerability.

As women are emotionally complicated, and they have a great dilemma on their emotional stability, true crime stories attract them.

Most of the time, true crime stories can subject to justice for women.

So, women try to watch it in seek of truth. Also, a woman can know about how she can face the society while she is in danger because of those stories.

It might not look obvious that women should be interested in these stories, but their interest makes them easy to fight the world.


The Role of Politics and Law

Additionally, the changing culture and the politics of the country and the world can make women eager to know about the true crime stories.

As we see, most of the victims of severe cases are women; women feel that the laws are made from them.

Because of the environment pressure too, they watch series like; Law and Order: SVU and read a lot of true crime books of Author; Ann Rule.

Therefore, law enforcement can play a significant role in making women interested in true crimes too.

Due to the growing feminism and the conservative mind of people, which makes the survival of women danger, true crime stories play a huge role.

The drawing attention of people towards the culture of a dead girl in their plot seeks the care of women.

So, there is no doubt that women will not have an interest in true crime movies.

As their identity is in danger and women take it violence committed against themselves, they get attracted to those shows.

In most of the cases, true crime obsessed women do not find the scenes and the crimes entertaining.

However, they watch it because they want to be aware of the growing issues. To some women, it might be entertaining too.

But, in most of the cases, it does not entertain any women to know about how they are getting exploited.


The Teenage Girls in True Crime Stories

True Crime: Why are Women So Obsessed With It

Also, because teenage girls are gaining self-consciousness and self-awareness, the number of women getting obsessed with true crime stories is increasing.

They feel that true crime stories are true and stay thinking about how to get through it.

This helps them to gain consciousness and establish themselves as a better human.

However, some women do not take true crime stories real.

But, they do try to make some suggestions to stay away from the cruel world to develop a feeling of positiveness towards life.

They try to face the challenges by dealing with depression and to touch the world with the inspiration that they get.

Hence, true crime books and true crime shows have a significant impact on a woman on increasing their curiosity towards true crime stories.

Women in the present era are highly interested in such stories for the motive to raise awareness in themselves.

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