Traveling: People Encountered By Travelers On A Journey


Traveling is not just about places. It is also about people. Traveling will hardly leave you alone. You will be surrounded by people all the time until you reach to bed. They could be either locals or travelers like you are.

You can notice dissimilar categories of people throughout your journey. So, what are the types of people we meet while we are traveling?

 Lone armies in your Journey


The number of solo travelers is rising rapidly over time. Surprisingly, this statistic is not due to the travelers’ relationship status. Yes, about half of them are single, nevertheless.

Travelers believe in solo hunting of the pleasure that destination offers. Having said that, it doesn’t mean travelers are minimizing the value on their family members.

Solo journey, in their voice, is an outstanding experience because it exposes them to choices.

They believe, traveling alone is denying undesired compromises so as to extract optimal jollity out of a place.


If you travel a lot, your eyes must have been to a scene frequently – couples walking holding hands.

They could be newly married, just fallen in love, celebrating 50 years of marriage anniversary, and such.

If the couples are also travelers as you are, they are probably there aiming to strengthen their love for each other.

The couples are so good at ignoring other people sitting next to them. You must have seen many couples as if unaware of what is happening around them.

You would rather leave them alone.

Encountering so-called hippies in your Journey

Hippies are another type of people we meet on our journey. Long dreadlocks, headphones, grunge pants, etc. are some of their identities.

Most of us opt not to bother coming close to them. Meanwhile, some of us do ask their little time for a conversation.

It’s harsh on them but some people, especially old ones, seem to not like them.

They don’t care anyway. They walk with pride and confidence, their body language hints.

Newbies in Traveling

Newbies are among the super excited travelers – because that is their first trip. They could be recognized by the way they react.

Some newbies are happy to reveal they are newbies. Meanwhile, some don’t like people knowing that the outing is their first one.

No matter how hard they try to hide the fact, their expressions tell the truth.

How newbies go in their first outing often determines how their upcoming and rest of travel life will be.


Some people you meet on your trip will be so kind and helpful. Despite having just met, they may surprisingly treat you like you are close friends.

Their humble nature and sweet tone could not be denied. You won’t mind spending some more time with them because you adore their submissive conduct.

Everything is in their tongue, and they thoroughly understand how it is best used.

Family People

And, how many of you have spotted 2 parents buying their lovely children ice-cream in a destination?

Whichever part of the world you will go to, you will see people with family, surely. Some specific spots such as fun parks, zoos, etc will see more of this type of peoples.

You can always have a quick, funny chat with their adorable little ones.

Photograph addicts

Social media has conquered the world without letting us realize how it has done so.

Most of the actions we perform are the intervention of social media upon us. Or if it is not an intervention at all, it is still a matter of impact.

This impact has given birth to a type of people – photography addicts.

A travel destination sees an overwhelming number of these types of people these days.

 Nah, Nah people


Most of us enjoy interacting with people we meet on our trip.

Exchanging stories in a sitting will bring euphoric moments to those involved. The joyous crowd of travelers also includes people who deny your approach to such interactions.

You could attempt to be rather polite but that wouldn’t affect their answer at all.

Heavy drinkers


Travelers tend to be cautious with their drinking habits during their travel time.

They are well aware of the harmful consequences of excessive alcohol consumption upon their excursions.

This knowledge doesn’t hit on some people we meet on our journey. They are what we call ‘heavy drinkers’.

You’d better not be involved in such groups of travelers for the possible negative outcomes.

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