Toxic Femininity: Is It Really A Thing To Be Considered

Dec 10 2019 By Asbin Ghimire

If women use their gender advantage to achieve something then it is known as Toxic Femininity.

Further, we hear a lot about toxic masculinity than toxic femininity. Toxic femininity is very dangerous and can be damaging to society or an individual.

According to the sources, it can occur in different forms and can cause damage.

Should toxic femininity be considered? Is it really a thing? Should it gain more attention?

Well, if you want to know more about it then stick with us till the end.


What is Toxic Femininity?

Toxic Femininity: Is It Really A Thing To Be Considered

Toxic femininity arises when women use their gender for certain advantages.

If a man is a head then a woman is a neck and can turn where ever neck pleases“, a well-known metaphor to describe the women’s power to the world.

Generally, toxic femininity is driven by insecurity and anger or vengeance.

Further, it often manifests in controlling, cunning actions masked by a socially acceptable facade.

Also, it can be said that using the power of gender to get the privilege.

There is a lot of common typical examples which can be seen.

For example, a jealous wife, a mother or a co-worker who chooses her partners to make her things done rather than hard work.

Well, these are the common examples but it is so large than anyone can ever imagine. Further, this toxicity is found all over the world.


Is Toxic Femininity Really A Thing?

Well, if you really say, then there is chaos about the existence of toxic femininity.

Some of them might say that there are no such things as toxic femininity while others might disagree on that.

So, it is totally dependent on the mindset of people.

Talking about traits associated with toxic femininity, there are no such things as feminine or masculine.

Traits such as aggression and violence can be found in women, similar to men.

Stereotypically feminine behaviors such as being passive-aggressive or sly. Further, they are of generally two types:


Female-Female Toxicity

Toxic Femininity: Is It Really A Thing To Be Considered

It is said that women are the biggest enemies and threats of themselves.

Further, they can be quite mean to each other and can show hatred to each other.

Many books, as well as movies, are made provoking this topic and encouraging them to support each other.

There are certain ways that women can threaten each other and try to control those around them.

Gossip, rumors, social exclusion, and pressure are common reasons.

Further, they can come in sweet tones which may not sound sarcastic but it is.

Such activities are also taking place in all environments.

In the school PTA to the boardroom, violent and destructive feminine conduct can be observed.


Female-Male Toxicity

Women tend to appear weak which can often appeal to the natural desire of a man in distress to rescue the victim.

Further, women use their gender as their powerpoint.

With this, they put themself in benefit in any field wherever they like. Further, they do the same with the men.

Women are generally manipulatives but sometimes they get harassed and molested by men in such a way that they can never get back to normal.

Further, they can’t trust any men. But here, this is not the case.


Toxic Femininity in the Workplace

Although Toxic Feminity is not a real thing, most of the women use it in their workplace.

One of the best example of toxic feminity is, “Christine wears a skirt. No one stares at her legs. She worries that she no longer has good legs, so she blows three hundred dollars on an Equinox membership.

You can refer to Ginny Hogan’s book to know more about Toxic Feminity in the Workplace.


Women Power and Toxic Femininity

Toxic Femininity: Is It Really A Thing To Be Considered

If we talk about the powers of women then it will be the never-ending topic.

Further, the powers of women are invincible.

In fact, she is taught to be emotionally stable, spreads happiness and good vibes and loves to take care of everyone.

Women are the creator, fighter, and helper and much more one can imagine.

Women are far ahead then equality if compared to a man.

Further, they are incomparable to anyone and anything.

So, there is no place for toxic femininity in the world.

Well, toxic femininity must be considered as it causes a lot of damage.

So, it must be rooted up and thrown out from every human culture.

This wrong feminism should be avoided everywhere.

A fresh start should be given for the concept of feminism which excludes sexism.

If opportunities are provided in an equal manner the problem wouldn’t arise in society.

As a result, it changes people’s minds too.

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