Toxic Behavior Normalized by the Society, Yet to be Avoided

Toxic Behavior in society

The way society has normalized certain toxic behaviors is a subject of a popular thread today. Some actions are probably more often annoying and sometimes life-threatening. Yet, it has been shared for a very long time.

Here are the top ten toxic behavior normalized by society according to us:

Sacrificing one’s private life for demand has been normal these days. People tend to share each and every detail of their personal experience in social media, which often seems irrelevant. These days every two out of five people claim themselves to be Youtubers or TikTok users, which is good.

But sharing your personal space to the world in the name of popularity may seem a little inappropriate and childish. So, leave this toxic behavior, which has been usual in society to gain much popularity among your circle.


2. Being savage or pretty for likes and comment

Toxic Behavior Normalized by the Society

One of the toxic behavior normalized by society is that these days’ people are willing to give up everything to gain popularity. Not only has it applied for the youths, but even for the children and the old ones.

Our lives are revolving around social media. So, there is no doubt that getting likes and comments on social media has been normalized by society. But in order to get attention, people tend to become so fake and put on a mask in their faces to please the community.

No doubt, it’s your own choice, but do not hide to get some likes and comments in order to get popular among your circle.


3. Meaningless pranks

Toxic Behavior

With the society being modernized, making meaningless pranks just for the sake of being popular has become normalized by society. The so-called pranksters who try to make videos for amusements often cause a significant problem to the people and culture.

Imagine you being pressurized by work and family matters, and at that time, someone drops a bucket of water on you on the name of prank. How would you feel? Without acknowledging that their escapades may threaten others or sometimes harm them mentally, pranksters these days set their jokes just for popularity or fun, which is quite toxic behavior.


4. Raising a child as a prince or princess

Toxic Behavior

There is no doubt that every parent treats their children as a prince or princess. Spoon feeding children while they play with their phones is so wrong yet has been usual in society.

Parents do not realize that blindfolding their children from problems can lead to a more severe problem later. They will not be able to hold the hand of their children forever.

Hence, parents should let their children see the world with their own eyes and face any kind of troubles by themselves. Try to avoid this toxic behavior and show your children the real world as soon as possible.


5. Employees being present 24/7 for their bosses

Toxic Behavior

Overworking may seem reasonable on movies and television series, but in real life, honestly, it doesn’t go that well. The reality is you may not have pizzas or beers like in the movie- instead, you would get exhausted, tired, and missing out on all the fun you could have with your family and loved ones.

The expectation that the employees must be available even outside of the work hours or during paid or unpaid time off is totally wrong in our society. For the bosses, keeping the same kind of mentality, you should avoid this toxic behavior and treat your employees as your colleagues.


6. Pressuring people to drink

Toxic Behavior

With society being modernized, drinking habits have been healthy. Yet, the most significant disadvantage of modern society is that people often pressurize their peers to have a pattern similar to theirs even though they might not like it.

In order to enjoy or show respect to the other person, unknowingly or knowingly, they pressurize them. Yet, the other person, even if he/she doesn’t want to have, it must take it because of the fear what others might think.

To those who do these kinds of toxic behavior, please think of the person how he/she might have felt when you offered him/her to drink forcefully.


7. Threatening kids

Toxic Behavior

Like said earlier, every parent treats their children as a prince or princess. There is no doubt about that. But with the modernization of society, parents also tend to threaten their kids with physical violence.

In order to make their life better, it is often found that parents threaten their kids to study hard. This is the result of parents giving mobile phones to their children, which diverts their minds from examining.

The parents should stop threatening their kids and instead try other alternatives like not letting them use mobile phones or offering them gifts to make them happy.


8. Casual waste

Toxic Behavior

The concept of casual waste is extremely high these days in our society. Without realizing that there are millions of people starving from hunger, people throw tons of trash here and there.

Visit a restaurant, the amount of food that gets wasted on a daily basis will astonish you. There are actually people living in big cities who go dumpster diving behind restaurants for food. Yet, throwing foods in a haphazard manner has been healthy with the modernization of society.

However, everyone should realize these facts and remember not to through waste in a haphazard manner from now on.


9. Categorizing people by their profession

Toxic Behavior

Conceptualizing people on the basis of their job has always been a big issue in our society for very long. No offense, but equating people’s worth with their job is like treating a lawyer as if they deserve more respect than a janitor.

Or you are assuming that a social worker is not as financially stable compared to an investment banker. People often ask questions like ‘so what do you do for a living’ as opposed to ‘what do you do in your spare time”, to categorize that person.

For those, who categorize people by their profession, please do not try to judge a book by its cover, or else you might get judged twice by them.


10. Angry and reckless driving

Toxic Behavior

The faster you drive, the more likely you keep your and others live in risk. Some people desire to drive more quickly than speed because it feels useful to them. These days society completely accepts people are driving really fast, following too close, moving ever without ever signaling.

This is especially seen among the youths, who try to act smart among their peer groups. This toxic behavior is being generated by the parents themselves who buy expensive cars and bikes to their children. So, for those who behave this way, do not ignore the rules and try to save yourself from severe accidents.