Top Selling of Amazon Cyber Monday, According to Amazon

Top Selling of Amazon Cyber Monday, According to Amazon

Holiday season has final begun with the thanksgiving, black Friday and Cyber Monday.

If you thought otherwise, you could not be more wrong.

It was only the beginning of the holiday discounts and bargain deals. Don’t you worry, these deals are just starting.

Many people speculated that, Black Friday would outperform Cyber Monday in terms of sales and deals.

However, truth is something else.

One of the important things to realize is that Black Friday is famous for in-stores purchases however Cyber Monday is famous for its online purchases.

Nowadays, People avoid the long lines and wait for their holiday season purchases even if there is little more discount on the items.

Online transaction seems to be lot safer during these purchases as there are already some cases of accidents and fights during the Black Friday sales.

These dangers further convince people to do their shopping online.

More importantly, you may also know that Black Friday deals are already marketed before a month which gives people time to strategize on their purchases.


Amazon Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday deals are only displayed before a week which leaves people guessing on their purchases.

This provokes a feeling of first come first served mindset compelling people to grab anything with a label of discount offer.

One of the top sellers, Amazon claims that Cyber Monday was the biggest shopping day in Amazon’s history.

No surprises at all, considering it is their last chance before December to get those tasty bargain deals.

Previously Jeff Wilke, Amazon’s CEO of worldwide consumer said, “We’re focused on making this holiday season more convenient than ever for our customers, especially given how short this holiday shopping season will be”. It turned out that Sales topped $9.2 billion that day, according to data from Adobe Analytics.

Amazon broke it previous sales record of $7.9 billion shoppers spent on Cyber Monday in 2018.

Quite fascinating as it seems, globalization and e-commerce has now completely changed the business world into innovative and progressive industry.

Add customer satisfaction and outstanding customer experiences to the mix and you got yourself a holiday blast in a package.

Here are the Amazon’s Best-Selling Items from Cyber Monday, 2019.


Echo Dot

Top Selling of Amazon Cyber Monday, According to Amazon

Smart Home Gadget are now getting a reputable customer thanks to improving voice recognition system and revolutionized Artificial Intelligence.

The Echo Dot smart speaker with Alexa is now the best-selling smart Home Gadget of Cyber Monday 2019.

With its exceptional price of $24.99, Amazon has offered holiday discounts like no other brands. Previously retailing at $49.99, Amazon’s Echo Dot sold out like turkey at thanksgiving.


Fire TV Stick 4k

Technology and modern innovation have now redefined remote controlling with Fire TV Stick 4k as streaming media player.

What’s more? Built in Alexa Voice and command is available for complete voice control.

This product was No.1 best seller at this year’s Cyber Monday.

For amazing price of $39.99 which was $50 during Black Friday, Amazon has provided customers with proper Christmas Gift.


iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum

Top Selling of Amazon Cyber Monday, According to Amazon

This model of vacuum cleaner was being sold at $200 with a discount of over $100 from the previous one.

Its purchase itself defines its quality and compatibility. It can be connected to Wi-Fi without the requirement of any manual control.

Even if you need manual control, it has built in Alexa’s Voice command control to satisfy your needs.

Even for those hard and hard to reach places, this product works like crazy.


Oral b electric toothbrush   

This product was already in huge demand before the Black Friday.

Now it has completely changed our brushing style with more healthy and automated approach.

Previously grossing at £179, Amazon’s cyber Monday had offered the deal for £129 at discount of £50.

Keeping in mind, that the cyber week’s total sales record for this product is not even published yet, this product can completely revolutionize the toothbrush industry through its sales record and innovative usage capability.


L.O.L. Surprise Dolls

Top Selling of Amazon Cyber Monday, According to Amazon

Surprise Dolls are now in huge demands thanks to holiday demands and urge to spend for kids during these deals.

It was retailing at only $72 for limited time for a discount of over $19.

Mostly, these doll sets are now in huge demands thanks to their wide range of dolls characters and their features of crying, spitting, tinkling, or color changing.


Final Words

Other than that, the five-day shopping extravaganza was popular for toys. Amazon (AMZN) said customers worldwide purchased more toys this Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined than ever before.

Hasbro (HAS), LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader’s Castle and a “Frozen 2” edition of Monopoly were the bestsellers.

Cyber Monday already became the best-selling day for Amazon due to its amazing offers and variety of products.

This selling is only going to increase keeping the trend of theirs in mind.