Top 10 Weirdest Street Foods In The World

Top 10 Weirdest Street Foods In The World

You are someone who loves to explore every corner of the world.

You are someone who wants to immerse yourself in the culture wherever you travel.

What’s better to understand the culture than to try out the delicious food out there, especially the street food?

Street food is something very common around the world, but what is uncommon is the form it takes in each country.

There are endless delicious street foods that’s on the bucket list of every travelers.

But, there are also some weird street foods in the world that you probably haven’t heard of.

This list of weirdest street foods in the world aims to introduce you to the world of street foods.


Mice Wine

If you ever travel to China, don’t ever ask with curiosity about mice wine.

Mice wine is definitely deserves a first place in the list of weirdest street foods in China.

The baby mice are left in a jar for around a year.

It is believed that after a year, the mice wine becomes safe to drink.

Although it tastes like gasoline, the Chinese people believe that it can help with asthma.


Mopane Worms

Top 10 Weirdest Street Foods In The World

If you happen to travel to Zimbabwe, you’ll see the locals carrying cups of their favorite snack that is the mopane worm.

Mopane worms are big, brightly colored beasts that locals collect from trees and literally force their guts out.

They are a form of caterpillar that apparently tastes like chicken, according to the locals.

Doesn’t matter what it tastes like, but the look of the worms definitely gives goose bumps to a normal human being.

Truly, mopane worms deserves to be top on the list of weirdest street foods in the world.


Tuna Eyeballs

Top 10 Weirdest Street Foods In The World

Found in Japan, tuna eyeballs are the street foods hard to avoid.

This street food’s gaze follows you from stalls and markets, daring you to give it a try at least once.

Tuna eyeballs are boiled and seasons with soy sauce and rice wine.

They seemingly taste like a cross between a hard-boiled egg and squid.

But, the only good thing about this weird street food is that they tuna eyeballs are packed with omega-3.

So, if you have enough guts to try one of the weirdest street foods in the world, do it. It’s good for your health.


Rocky Mountain Oysters

Top 10 Weirdest Street Foods In The World

Found in United States, rocky mountain oysters is definitely one of the weirdest street foods in the world.

Don’t go with the name and looks, they are not oysters and definitely doesn’t taste like one.

They are cattle, pig, or sheep testicles that are peeled and coated in flour and then deep-fired.

This weird street food is a common ritual despite animal rights groups opposing the animal castration.

Most probably, you will find this weird street food in the West where early ranchers need access to cheap and deep-fried foods.



Talking about weirdest street foods around the world and you don’t see andouillette in the list, that’s impossible.

Found in France, this weird food is probably the stinkiest sausage you’ll ever smell.

Anoduillette is made from pig intestines and smells like it’s been up close and personal with pig ordure on a regular basis.

The pig intestines are chopped, crammed into a sausage casing, and then fired up.

The only good part about this dish is that it is often covered in cream and mustard sauce.

However, no amount of sauce can mask the aroma and the taste of pigs’ butts.



Top 10 Weirdest Street Foods In The World

Found in Philippines, balut is probably one of the weirdest looking food ever.

Beneath the shell, there is a tiny duck fetus that’s been boiled alive.

This weird street food is made by incubating the fertilized duck eggs for up to 20 days.

And then it is cooked to create this nasty delight.

What makes balut weirder is that it involves a whole process to consume.

Crack it open, and you’ll see a tasty broth.

You cannot just chew or swallow the food without even looking at it.


Casu Marzu

Top 10 Weirdest Street Foods In The World

Case Marzu is made by using the larvae of flies and is infested with live worms.

The Sardinians take a traditional pecorino and have some local flies lay their eggs in it.

Then the larvae masticate through the cheese and excrete it back into the cheese, apparently making for a unique, soft texture.

It might look average but it tastes worse.

In fact it is the world’s most dangerous cheese and is illegal and banned by European Union.


Pork Blood pho

If you happen to travel to Vietnam, you will get familiar with this weird street food.

Pork blood pho is made of pork, beef and coagulated pig blood that literally tastes like salty jelly.

This weird dish is served with noodles or sprouts.

However, the good thing about this food is that it is rick in carbs and protein.

It might sound weird for a while but if you can consume it, it’s good for you.



Who doesn’t love barbeque and grilled meats except the vegetarians?

Visit Philippines, especially Manila and you will find tons of street foods- grilled meats out there and Isaw is one of them.

Isaw is actually made of chicken or pork intestines.

However, this street food isn’t that weird as the others in the list. You can probably consume it.

That’s because they are cleaned inside and out multiple times, so it’s not like you’re eating an animal’s fecal matter.



The stinky Hakarl is the Icelandic national dish of cured made of shark rotten to the extreme level.

Hakarl is made from the Greenland shark, is said to be poisonous when eaten raw and fairly rank when eaten cured.

The sharks are dried and then decomposed for a couple of months before hacking off chunks of strong, decaying, and rubbery flesh.

This weird street food has been enflamed in Iceland for centuries and is even mentioned in the Icelandic dips.

The tissues of the Greenland shark contains large amounts of ammonia rich urea.

Compared to other weirdest street foods in this list, hakarl is something that can be eaten without hesitation.