Top 10 Countries for 2020 Extravaganza by Lonely Planet

We are inching closer to a new decade with 2020 just around the corner.

And, probably many of us have plans for it in our bag, already.

The excitement of 2020 has covered our territory of imagination, obviously.

Also, the pre-new-year vibe that is surrounding the land of our curiosity is a familiar scene.

If the land of your curiosity contains traveling ideas, Lonely Planet has some optimal answers.

Lonely Planet has presented 10 countries that thoroughly deserve a visit in 2020.

So, this list is the filtration of the best countries claiming to be travelers’ ultimate picks, and with enough assets to do so.

According to Lonely Planet, this selection is the best of the best.

Each country that have made their way into Lonely Planet’s short list promises travelers unique sensation.

Lonely Planet also claims the featured countries to be travelers’ ideal tourist destinations for 2020.

Hence, the column that encloses these travel destinations name as:


Top 10 Countries

Lonely Planet 2020 ’s first column has ranked the 10 best countries out of best deserving candidates up for selection.

The idea behind shortening the number into only 10 is to avoid travelers sticking in dilemma a long list would create.

Which is why this catalog has a place for Asia’s teensy paradise – Bhutan. South America’s gem – Uruguay – has found a spot, as well, in the list.


1. Bhutan

Top 10 Countries for 2020 Extravaganza by Lonely Planet

Bhutan’s rise in the map of ‘place to visit’ is the result of the effort of whole Bhutan.

The Himalayan kingdom often called as the real-life Shangri-La is a basket of natural gifts.

Similarly, the Buddhism culture adds a unique flavor to the natural spectacle.

Also, the standard Bhutan has set for travelers will ensure it will be less crowded.


2. England

England has no less than what a traveler could ask for.

The peaceful coastlines, windswept piers, ancient cliffs, and mesmerizing beaches are some talking images of England.


3. North Macedonia

Top 10 Countries for 2020 Extravaganza by Lonely Planet

Europe’s North Macedonia is not among the most heard names.

However, this landlocked country has more than enough eye-catching vistas to be featured in this honor board.

Lake Ohrid is one of such vistas.While the culture and traditions are equally fascinating.


4. Aruba

Top 10 Countries for 2020 Extravaganza by Lonely Planet

Aruba’s sunrise city named San Nicolas is an art museum, to be fair.

This beautiful island remembers to entertain you any time.

Meanwhile, you won’t remember anything else when you are at its pristine bitches amidst fascinating annual carnivals.

Aruba’s approach to make it more reachable with the introduction of more home-sharing accommodations is among the reasons of its rise.


5. Eswatini (Swaziland)

Eswatini, with improved infrastructures like never before, is another notable contender in tourism map.

This country promises to mark the start of a new decade a special one with distinct activities on offer.

Of the activities, wildlife is the principal feature not to be overlooked.

Africa’s paragon, Eswatini is more than ready to transform your 2020 into a dreamy episode of your life.


6. Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a tropical paradise blessed with vast biodiversity.

With the full support of well educated and aware Costa Ricans, this country has shown how these blessings are best utilized.

A ticket to Costa Rica is a remote to your quest to come face to face with the amazing wildlife.

You will be overwhelmed to know Costa Rica’s exercise on energy production phenomenon.

At the end of your exposure to Costa Rica’s vivid images, you are bound to let out a sigh of delight.


7. The Netherlands

Top 10 Countries for 2020 Extravaganza by Lonely Planet

The Netherlands presents a wide range of offerings to the visitors – from busy city life to peaceful natural settings.

There could be no better time to visit this beautiful landscape than 2020.

The ever spreading cycling lanes will guide you to mesmerizing scenes eliciting a smile on your lips.


8. Liberia

This pick from Lonely Planet might seem misleading as Liberia still has a place for questions regarding safety issues, sometimes. This ends here, anyway.

This West-African nation holds many picturesque bitches and splendid wildlife, nevertheless, as some attraction tools.


9. Morocco

Top 10 Countries for 2020 Extravaganza by Lonely Planet

Morocco is full of choices. You could be easily puzzled within the cultural richness with the infrastructures in its back support.

The Sahara desert is there to wish you a ‘goodnight’ leaving you underneath the naked sky.

If Fes, Meknes, and Tetouan are done, mountain villages await your arrival.


10. Uruguay

Uruguay is not an ordinary excuse for 2020.

The varied landscapes, the down-to-earth population, and the tourism-friendly laws together call for your feet there.

It won’t be a surprise if the beauty of Uruguay hypnotize you, thus compelling you to come again soon.

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