Top 10 Best Treks in the World

Top 10 Best Treks in the World

Discover new ways of celebrating your life with these best treks in the world.

Anyone would love to make their holidays the most memorable and you could be no different.

Among the options on the list – how to make the break from your job, school, and college the most unforgettable, trekking could be one of the best options if not the best.

Trekking is gaining popularity all over the world because of its varying motives.

It doesn’t only offer you unique refreshments but also presents you the adventure you were looking for but weren’t able to acquire yet.

Trekking could be the aptest excuse to escape from your monotonous daily routines and experience something fabulous.

So, start collecting all essential materials and trek in any of these 10 best treks in the world before your holiday is over.


1. Pays Dogon, Mali

Top 10 Best Treks in the World

Pays Dogon, Mali is one of those faraway locations with uneven landscapes.

The outlying villages in the eastern Mali is a completely distinctive image for trekkers from anywhere in the world.

A 500-m tall and 150-km long line of fearsome cliffs named as Bandiagara Escarpment is the pinnacle point and highlight of the whole trek.

The blend of mud brick houses on the rock faces and the peculiar culture is worth a visit.

The length of the trek may vary from trekkers to trekkers; it may take your 5 to 13 days of your precious life to witness this UNESCO World Heritage Site.


2. The Narrows(Zion National Park), USA

Top 10 Best Treks in the World

The narrowest section of Zion Canyon, The Narrows positions itself in the North Fork of the Virgin River and the upstream of the principal canyon.

The Narrows leaves the trekkers with either of 2 alternatives: top to bottom trek from Chamberlain Ranch to the Temple of Sinawava, or bottom to top trek from the Temple of Sinawava.

As one third of the trail is covered in water, the trek through The Narrows could be lifetime experience.


3. Torres del Paine Trail, Chile

Top 10 Best Treks in the World

Torres del Paine trek has blessed the tourism industry of Chile welcoming a whopping number of over 250 thousands visitors every year.

The tower of Paine and Paine of Horns alone manifest the beauty of the trek. Your encounter to the flora and fauna in the Torres del Paine National Park could make the trek even more wonderful.

The well conserved ecosystem does nothing but mesmerizes more trekkers from all over the world.

Trekkers can smell the beauty of the favored “W” route in around 5 days; they may separate one whole day for the towers.

You have the option in your bucket to trek through the full circuit also called “O” route in a week or 10 days time.


4. The Toughest GR20, France

Top 10 Best Treks in the World

The 180-km long trail could be, specially, being for those trekkers who call themselves adventurous but anyone could try.

Could be completed in around 2 weeks, the trek has been further divided into northern part and southern part.

The northern part, commencing at Calenzana to end at Vizzavona, poises to bother the trekkers with the abrupt and rocky track.

The southern part, that connects Vizzavona to Conca, promises ease.

Lac De Nino lake with blue water, Monte Incudine, the highest peak in the southern Corsica, and the irregular cliffs of Aiguilles De Bavella are waiting for your glimpse.

Are you courageous enough to go?


5. The Mesmerizing Routeburn Track, New Zealand

Top 10 Best Treks in the World

Starting at an elevation of 477-m to take it to 1300-m, the Routeburn Track is blessed with nature and has all the aspects to be compared to heaven.

The best time to be sinking in the beauty the trek possesses is any time between October to late April; if you are experienced enough, you can trek through the paradise any time in winter as well.

The alpine forests, the magnificent lakes, the light green tussock lands, the burbling rivers and waterfalls leave no stone upturned in order to captivate trekkers’ sights from all over the world.


6. The Matterhorn, Switzerland

Top 10 Best Treks in the World

A circular trail commencing and ending at Zermatt, the Matterhorn trek takes you through the picturesque 25 summits – all above 4000-m.

As you should be crossing 2 glaciers, this trek asks for a good fitness level and glacier-walking experience.

Your exposure to the wildlife in the trail later will answer your quest for delight.

The Matterhorn and all the peaks above 4000-m are sure to heave your delight to a new height. You may need no advice to come across the Swiss culture and Italian food on offer.


7. Annapurna Base Camp(ABC), Nepal

Accessible to all trekkers regardless their experience, The ABC Trek in Nepal takes you through the varied landscapes, cultures, and biodiversity.

The Annapurna range allies with Machhapuchhre, Hiunchuli, and Dhaulagiri to exchange the trekkers’ exhaustion with the fusion of the panoramas.

The ever singing waterfalls and rivers on the way take no time seizing all the glooms stored in your head, endowing you the jollity never felt before.


8. Overland Track, Australia

Overland Track, in Tasmania, is one of those all season favorable trekking trails.

The 65-km long trail beholds Rocky Mountains, beautiful lakes and spectacular tarns.

Naturally decorated by waterfalls, the Overland Track is a small piece of paradise.

The adequately marked track for trekkers’ comfort also hosts the Cradle Mountain Run annually. Respond to the call from The Overland Track, trekkers!


9. The Inca Trial, Peru

The most popular trek in South America, which may last up to 5 days, is an exhibition of the varieties of quirky land structures of Peru.

In existence from quite a long time, this trail is one of the renowned treks for the trekkers all over the world.

The trek demonstrates the rich history of the valleys.

The landmass greeted by the natural resources offers you the scenery of the green forests, different species of birds, Andean peaks, and the abrupt mountain passes.


10. Everest Base Camp(EBC) Trek, Nepal

Top 10 Best Treks in the World

One of the famous trekking trails in the world, Everest Base Camp trek takes you to one of the highest elevations any trek can take – 5545-m.

The trek displays the natural and cultural richness of the Khumbu region.

From the colorful houses in Namche Bazar to the base camp, you will behold many eye catching sights if you choose to go.

The robust yaks serving as transportation medium is one of those watchable episodes on the way.

The well maintained footpaths, warm-hearted locals along with the vistas of the Everest are the highlights of the trek.


Hang on; you are not approved with your vacation yet. But when you will be, give your life a new meaning trekking in any one of these Top 10 Best Treks in the World.

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