Tomorrow is beautiful!

Life is beautiful
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Do you know what happens tomorrow? Or, can you see the future? What if you knew, what is going to happen next? Imagine, you captured fortunes! You made time constant. Won’t you make your life beautiful? How was your past? Was it good? And think about it now? How is your life going on? Is it satisfying? What do you think comes next? Will life remain the same?

Sit for a while in peace. Close your eyes and now think. Think about all the questions above. Discuss with yourself. Is anything bothering you? Do you have a straight single answer? Or, are you clueless?

Yesterday, today and tomorrow

People often live in the past or the future. They never live in the present. They do not know the taste of now and are always in hurry just to secure their future. And they end up messing with life. You need to live in the present, then only you can make your tomorrow beautiful.

Do not live in the past, and recall them often. Think about it and take notes of mistakes. Work on it and make it perfect again. See, life is simple, isn’t it?

You were happy yesterday, right? Or, were you sad? Doesn’t matter because the only thing that matters is, that time has passed. And those moments are memories now. As time flew, it took your happiness or sadness with it. You need to create your present because you live in it.

Let me ease with an example:

There is a sister of mine living in the city. She needs to work there to fulfil her daily expenses and college fees. She had pretty bad times when she was new there. No job, no income, and only expenditures. But, slowly as time passed, and she got a job. There was a time when she did not get time to cover her work shifts. After a few months of earning, the pandemic hit them, and she lost her job. She was again jobless and cried for a couple of months. Now, everything is settling gradually, and she is getting her shifts again.

What we need to understand is, time is variable. It changes and takes the fortunes and situations with it, whether it’s bad or good. So, have patient until your turn comes. Be prepared for every possible outcome and consequences.

Problems of tomorrow have beautiful solutions

Everyone has problems and issues. Life never goes in the same direction. Happiness might come with a mix of sadness and vice versa. We cannot ignore the problems. They can hit us hard. Even if we complete the phase of time neatly, issues automatically arrive.

Never regret problems because they come along with solutions. The main solution for every problem is to keep calm and gathering resources to rectify the mistake. Problems are mistakes. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow are related to each other. Your deeds of yesterday come as the outcome today. And your recent work brings consequences for tomorrow.

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Give your best, every time you face stuff because this is the thing that determines your level of happiness. So, never give up and keep tying better and better as the days pass. You know, tomorrow is beautiful.

Expectation scatters life

Expectations mean a strong belief that something will happen or such will be the case. These expectations of our invite problems. Live with no expectations and see how beautiful your life is. Because of human psychology, people expect a lot and end up hurting themselves. Peace begins only when the expectations end.

Expectations destroy the tomorrow.
Expectations destroy the tomorrow, Pic. Willoart

Reality and expectations contradict with each other. You either improve your reality or lower your expectations. Expect things in a limit. Always know your limitations. Turn your expectance into acceptance.

Forbes listed a few major things (expectations) that can ruin our life. They are some common beliefs we tend to have and listed below:

1. Opportunities will fall into my lap.
2. Everyone should like me.
3. People should agree with me.
4. I am going to fail.
5. I can change him or her.

Mental health for a beautiful life

Mental health reflects our emotions, psychological, and social well-being. It is one of the most important factors for a sound and peaceful life. It affects how we feel, think and act.

Mental health matters for beautiful life.
Mental health matters for beautiful life, Pic. /twitter

Positive mental health helps people to realize their full potential and cope with stress. Connecting to people, staying positive and calm, getting physically active can help you maintain good mental health. Helping others, getting enough rest, and developing coping skills will make our mental health more strong.

Mental health disorders can hamper us emotionally. This will lead to depression. Mental health issues and expectations are somehow interrelated. There are a lot of factors that contribute to mental health problems. Biological factors, life experiences, and family history invite these issues.

Find a list of mental health problems here.

Tomorrow is wonderful

We gathered a lot of points until now. We know, time is not constant. It changes along with our situations. If you are having a bad time or a phase, please do not panic. Try to handle the situation because you know, everything is variable in this world. Nothing remains still in the long run. If you are happy now, enjoy the moment without thinking next. You got to enjoy the present.

When moments become memories, they tend to fade away gradually. You cannot stop time and it never waits for you. Do your things on time, otherwise, you will be late, and no one has the power to take you to the past. Yesterday was beautiful, so is today. Likely, tomorrow will be beautiful too.

Highs and lows are part of everyone’s life. No one is always happy or sad, and ups and downs are continuous. They will help us to cope up with situations. Everything happens for a reason and there is at least something to learn from every moment.

Never give up easily on anything. You need to fight with the circumstances so that you can have better consequences. Life is all about fighting and making you worthy of it. Love your life and everything will be fine.

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