Tips for Starting A Successful Startup in Silicon Valley

Quite incredible as it sounds, the southern region of the San Francisco Bay was called the “Valley of Heart’s Delight” inspired by the region’s myriad orchards and acres filled with ripening fruit in the early 1900s.

It was only by 1950s when it got its famous name “Silicon Valley”.

Silicon Valley’s transition from naturally gifted valley to technological supremacy resonates with the development of human beings from wild hunters to scientific and technological gods.

The foundation upon which the Silicon Valley was formed upon gave rise to 2000 tech companies worth $3 trillion neighborhood.

Quite like American Dream, it is dream of every entrepreneur to having a great career in Silicon Valley.

It has now become more of a culture to have a start up in Silicon Valley.

It has established entrepreneurial way of thinking without even showcasing it as one.

When we think of Silicon Valley as a center of technological boom and eccentrics, it’s the which placed that whole idea in our minds

Silicon Valley has become a market for investors and entrepreneurs where they can get access to wide range of options for their business ideas.

It has now become a name that is synonymous with the technology industry and transitioned into valley of dreams.

You may think how different it can be than your own regular startups in your local town.

But, believe me, you are up for a complete turnover. Here are some tips for Starting A Successful Startup in Silicon Valley.


Be Pitch Ready Anytime

Tips for Starting A Successful Startup in Silicon Valley

You may already know Silicon Valley is heaven for new innovative ideas.

San Francisco area is teaming with investors ready to make your dream come true.

Are you ready to pitch your ideas? It always comes down to your content of the idea and delivery.

So, preparation for an exact draft for your speech can be a way to start.

Venture capitalists are always waiting to invest in major tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Uber and it has produced many established entrepreneurs which are now angel investors.

You should be able to pitch anytime you get the chance.

Entrepreneur Katrin Schmidt based in Silicon Valley says, “In principle, you should have your elevator pitch ready for every encounter in Silicon Valley”.

Expect the unexpected and be pitch ready anytime.


Sell Yourself Big Time

Tips for Starting A Successful Startup in Silicon Valley

Every investor in Silicon Valley is looking out for that Billion-dollar idea.

As an entrepreneur or startup, it’s your ability and potential that will get the job done and hopefully get that head start.

Organize your ideas in such a way that showcases the full potential of your ideas and startups without actually holding anything back for the sake of authenticity.

Other than that, you can certainly work on your delivery and timing of the speech.

Sometimes, the situation may arise when you have to pitch inside elevator whenever the investor asks for you to pitch.

So, don’t be modest and prove yourself as big time.

You have to get to the point fast and sell yourself and your idea very confidently.


Communicate and Make Networks

Silicon Valley is a hub for the potential investment and potential startup ideas.

When you communicate with other people from the same field as you, then your reach and knowledge about your own startup and idea increase to such an extent where you will get in touch with every investor or people who resonate with your ideas.

Not only that, you can connect people with similar vision and goal to create new partnerships and campaigns and the same thing will happen to you as well.

If you are lucky enough and your idea is worth it then you may even get yourself an angel investor.


Be Open for Change

Tips for Starting A Successful Startup in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley can overwhelm you even when the conditions are right, and you are finally connecting with people.

In another level, your idea or startup may be precious for you and you may consider it to work in Silicon Valley even though the numbers don’t tell so.

So, always be up for a change in your startup or idea when the situation calls for it.

You may find it very difficult to change and remain in your idea or perspective and constantly decline your performance.

If your idea or startup needs change then so be it, just protect the essence of it, if it is important.

Other than that, your company might change its revenue and investment chances if the change is successful.


Final Words

Just remember to believe in your startup or in your idea.

There will be many people in the way who may try to undermine your idea or startup looking to get a profitable share percentage out of it even if you don’t want it.

So, be confident, don’t keep anything secret that will pose a threat to your idea and startup.

That’s why they say, stay hungry and Stay foolish.