Tips for Enjoying a Boring Movie

boring movie

You know this feeling when you watch a movie that you really love? A movie that you want to talk about for a long time after the end credits? It’s a great feeling, no doubt, but it does not come very often. There are times when you have to endure a film that is mediocre or seems to go on forever -and usually that happens when you watch it with people who seem to enjoy it.

So, if you don’t want to be the one to spoil the fun, you have to find ways to enjoy watching a really boring movie. The experience might also teach you something about film-making, life and yourself or might put to good use your creative skills.

So let’s take a look at the ways to pass the time when you are forced to watch a boring movie.

Try to enjoy the experience

You did everything in your power not to watch a movie that you thought you wouldn’t like. You didn’t succeed. Then why not try to enjoy it? Movies are complicated works of art and it is highly unlikely that there will be a film with nothing to like.

You might appreciate the music or the use of color, or perhaps the performances. Find aspects that seem interesting and try focusing on them. Soon you may find yourself in a different mood.


Observe the reactions of those around you

tips for enjoying a boring movie

If you’re watching a movie that someone you love really likes, then try to find what it is that they love about it. Observe the reactions of those around you. Do they laugh or cry? What caused this specific feeling?

You might find yourself sharing a valuable experience, or learning something about your friends (and yourself). Even if you still think that the movie was boring, you will have a lot to say when it’s time to talk about it.


Appreciate the work

Hundreds of people are involved in the making of a movie and even if you don’t like the outcome, there will be aspects that you can pay attention to. For example, you may not like science fiction movies, but you will find that Star Wars was shot in beautiful locations.

The movement of the camera, the shots, the colors, the music are elements that may make the experience of watching the movie more bearable.


Connect with the characters

Almost every movie wants to make the audience relate to the characters. It may not succeed, but it is an admirable effort. During the course of the screening, you can try to think how your life is similar to the main character’s life, what ideas and characteristics you have in common and in what ways you are different.

You can even start to imagine how you would react if you were in the hero’s place. The different possibilities give you the chance for introspection.


“Write” your own story

You tried to enjoy the film, but you didn’t succeed. If the main characters seem flat and uninteresting, why not try to make your own story? It might not have to do with the hero/heroine of the movie but with smaller characters, like a friend or a neighbor.

Try to imagine their stories. Who are they, where did they come from, what is it that they like? What would they do if they were to take the lead from the protagonist? Answering those questions can be a rewarding and creative exercise that will help you pass the time.


Guess what happens next

There is another way to have fun. You can try to guess the plot, find the murderer, see if the two main characters end up together. The more complex the plot, the more fun the game. It might end up ruining the experience (if you guess the plot too soon), or it might give you a rewarding feeling on your storytelling abilities.


Play a game

If you tried all of the above and still find the movie unbearable, then you can play little games. You can count the number of times that a character says I love you, or the number of times they eat something. You can also name random background actors. What could be the name of the man in the coffee shop and how is the girl that sits next to the protagonist in the office called?


Write your own review

tips for enjoying a boring movie

You can be a reviewer for a day. Bring a pencil and a paper and keep notes on the acting, the cinematography, the plot. Even if you hated the movie, you can elaborate and make something exciting out of a negative experience.