Things to Know Before Getting a Tattoo

Things to Know Before Getting a Tattoo.

As human beings, we have to make a lot of decisions in our life. Some we’re proud of and some we deeply regret.

It’s important to think more than twice about any decision that we have to make. You know, in case it’s able to ruin our life or maybe make it better, you never know.

And one of the toughest decisions some of us have to make is getting our first tattoo.

As fancy as it could be, it’s also very scary. Especially when people get all up in your business when you talk about wanting to get your first tattoo.

Getting your first tattoo is as important as deciding to get married, there I said it.

Because it is a very important decision that you might regret if it goes even slightly wrong.

But hey, there is absolutely no reason to panic. Because if you know beforehand what you’re getting into, it’ll ease the whole process.

Here are 8 things you should know before getting your first tattoo.

Know If You Have Any Skin Allergies.

Getting your first tattoo is definitely not a joke. It’s a commitment you’re stuck with for the rest of your life.

And also it is not for the faint of heart as it can be very painful. And if you have any skin allergies, it is definitely not your cup of tea.

If you have sensitive skin and/or allergies then it is better to not get a tattoo.

Because the ink and the needle can develop a negative reaction to the skin making it more sensitive.

You can develop really bad skin allergies or lumps around the tattooed area that can seriously damage your skin.

Pain is normal but if you feel unusual while getting a tattoo, make sure to tell the artist to stop.

Get to Know Your Tattoo Artist Beforehand.

Before getting your first tattoo, it’s very important to know about the artist you’re about to get it from.

Research about the artist beforehand. If they’re a legitimate tattoo artist, they’re always on social media platforms.

Look through their portfolio that is on display on their social media.

Also, make sure to visit the artist and question them about the process beforehand.

Work on Your Design.

You can’t just get whatever looks pretty on someone else’s body as your first tattoo.

Almost all tattoos have deep and beautiful meanings.

So, it’s important that your tattoo means something or it represents you in some way.

Therefore, before getting your first tattoo, make sure you work on your design a little harder.

Consult your tattoo artist to help you out with your vision and get what you’re satisfied with.

Know Your Pain Tolerance.

Getting a tattoo means literally getting a needle to pierce your skin multiple times.

It feels like a swarm of bees stinging your body. There is a certain part of your body where it doesn’t hurt a lot while getting a tattoo.

And certain areas where pain becomes intolerable at times.

Getting a tattoo in areas with lots of muscle or fat is less likely to hurt than areas with lots of bones.

Sanitation is a Must.

Since getting a tattoo involves needles, it’s possible that you might get certain transferable diseases.

It is crucial to make sure that your tattoo artist’s workspace is clean and sanitized.

Make sure they’re not using a used needle or ink.

Everything they use has to be brand new and never used before.

Don’t Settle for Cheap.

Tattoos can be expensive. It also depends on the design, the size of the tattoo, and the hour of work it takes to get one.

So, for your own safety, don’t settle for something just because they’re providing it for a cheaper rate.

Many times, cases like this can be dangerous because the artist might not be a professional.

Because clearly, no professional would ever risk his reputation by providing a cheap tattoo.

Start Small.

Since you have no experience at all, getting your first tattoo can be scary.

And since everyone is different, their experiences and opinions also vary.

Therefore, if you’re ever in a doubt, always start small.

Find a tiny design you might like and that might speak to you. And figure out where it hurts the least.

And now you can finally get your first tattoo without having to panic a lot.

It Takes Time to Heal.

Permanent tattoos aren’t like stickers that you stick it and it’s ready. Permanent tattoos take some time to heal.

The time usually depends on the size of your tattoo.

And also how good you take care of it.

Make sure you don’t wet your tattoo for almost 2-3 weeks. And keep petroleum jelly on the side as it helps to keep it moisturized.

Also, don’t pull the dead skin that appears after a few days. It’ll fall off on its own so you don’t have to feel gross about it.

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