Things That You Should Never Do When Quitting Your Job

Quitting a job can get a whole new experience in anyone’s life. It’s like you are stepping a foot forward to new beginning and new challenges.

Hence, to have a better start, it is very important for leaving a job on good terms.

But, sometimes you easily forget what those ‘good terms’ require.

When you have given notice at our job, because you have a better job to go to, it gets really exciting.

Our happiness about the new opportunities can cloud your judgment.

Soaked by the excitement, sometimes you tend to forget the people you work with.

You forget that those people will remember you for the things we said and did during your last few weeks at work.

Leaving a job may feel good at the moment, but it can damage your professional reputation and have long-term consequences if you do anything stupid.

So, if you want it to be graceful, there are certain things that you should never say when you are quitting a job.

Even if you are thinking of them and you would love an opportunity to open it out, you should not.

You need to be very aware that your final words and actions create a lasting impression that will work against you in future while quitting your job.

So, let’s go through some of the things that you should not do or say while leaving your job.


Don’t Let your Boos and Coworkers off

Working with boss or coworkers that you don’t like might be awful. You might want to speak off your mind with them while quitting you job.

Telling your miserable boss and coworkers what you think of them will probably fee great at first, but will certainly have a long-term effect on your professional life.

It’s always not about being a bigger person in life. You never know who will turn up in your life in the near future.

Also, think about the coworkers who are still your associates. They may be put off by your behavior and form a negative opinion about you because of your behavior at the last moment.

So, if you want to have a good impression on everyone you work with, do not spill everything out while quitting your job. Trust me, it will help you a lot to have a better career.


Don’t Damage or Steal Company Property

Things like this happens sometimes in life. You like something in your office or you hate something that you want to damage it desperately.

You probably would be thinking that you are leaving your work, so damaging or stealing some stuffs might not be noticed by anyone.

But, instead on embarking on a productive job search, you could end up fighting against criminal charges.

Stealing or damaging is like compromising your future by putting your freedom and reputation in danger.

So, if you are quitting your job, never show your aggression on your office stuffs. Instead workout at home and try to solve those issues.


Don’t Complain about your Boss to Future Employers

This topic will probably come up on the day you are interviewed in a new office. The interviewer will ask you why you left the job.

If you are quitting your job because of your boss being evil, it’s totally good to keep it to yourself.

Telling the truth may seem like the right thing to do at first place, but it is better to give a more neutral explanation.

It is better if you say you had some differences of opinion instead of revealing that your boss had it in for you.

Complaining about your boss will make them feel that you have a lot of negative attitude in you and will hesitate to hire you.


Keep your Complaints off Social Media

This is the stupidest thing to do if you have had any problems with your job and if you are quitting it.

You should think very carefully before sharing any of your grievances on social media.

If any of your colleagues or boss gets to know about it, your career will definitely get down.

It is better to speak in confidence with people who are close to you rather than sharing all kinds of feeling about you quitting you job in social media.

Don’t brag about your new job

This is another stupidest thing to do if you are quitting your job. Never brag about your new job to fellow employees since this can generate resentment.

Particularly, if you try to imply that you are better than them, this is going to be worse than ever.

The colleagues will start bitching about you all the time, even if you left the job.

So, instead of bragging, thank others for their support and mention how you will miss working with them.

Trust me, this will create a very good impression on them about you.


Don’t Write it Down (or email it either)

Never put out anything negative in writing, even if you are desperately wanting to.

Keep your resignation letter positive so all involved remember you as a positive person.

Writing down your personal reasons on email or paper can create a huge difficulty in your career.

No wonder, if your boss or college happens to see your negative comments on the email you used or any papers, it will be a very difficult situation for you in near future.

But, even if you do write it, erase it as quickly as you can, so that you won’t get into any sort of trouble after quitting your job.


Don’t Forget to Ask for a Reference

Asking your boss for a reference when quitting your job may seem like an odd thing to do.

However, since your former position will be listed on your resume, asking for a reference may seem official and not so suspicious.

You can also get some recommendations from your colleagues with whom you had better relationships.

This will create more generous environment for you while leaving your job and also to your boss and colleague who work there.