Things that Kill Employee Morale

Things that Kill Employee Morale

There aren’t just bad days and vice versa in an office. Some jobs satisfy you and motivate you to be better.

But some only stresses you out to the point where you don’t feel like working at all.

There are times where you feel so motivated to finish your work and do the best you can.

But there are also days when you don’t feel like working at all.

The most important thing for an employee in a workspace is how their superiors treat them.

Their motivation comes from their bosses and managers who sit there evaluating their work.

But when the same people that are there to motivate you, drain your energy, it becomes hard to work.

It is definitely hard for leaders and managers to keep everyone happy and motivated. They also have bad days, after all, they’re also human.

But that doesn’t make it right for them to act a certain way with their employees.

There are certain things you should consider as a leader for the well being of your employees.

The actions you choose makes a huge difference in your employees. And it affects the employees’ morale in a big way.

There are certain things that bosses or leaders do that kills their employees’ morale.


Giving Vague or Incomplete Instructions.

A boss becomes a boss when he knows his goal and the ways to reach there.

The most important thing for a boss to do is to be able to clarify his ideas and make sure everyone knows what the end goal is.

But if you can’t execute your plans and ideas being a boss, you can’t expect your employees to work harder and better.

Since your employees are working for you, it’s your duty to instruct them.

And if you’re out here giving vague and incomplete instructions and calling yourself a boss, maybe it’s time to resign.


Playing the blame game.

It’s a known fact that everyone makes mistakes. And when it comes to work, plenty of mistakes are made.

It’s sometimes one person’s fault while sometimes it is a team’s mishap.

As a leader, it’s your job to make sure that everything goes well in a workspace. And also to reduce the mistakes as much as possible.

things that kill employee morale

But, many-a-times bosses forget what their duty really is and go around blaming employees for all the failures.

Some bosses turn meetings into complaint sessions where all he does is blame everyone for not doing things right.

A few even love blaming others for their own mistakes.

This decreases the respect the employees have for their bosses and kills their morale.


Setting out impossible goals.

Employees are human beings who have limitations. They can only be productive if the environment is right.

Even the most hardworking employee can’t work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A company flourishes if everyone work with a solid plan and a clear idea of how to implement it.

But setting out impossible goals and pressurizing employees to do the impossible is how you kill their enthusiasm.


Not offering praises.

For employees, praises play a huge role in boosting their confidence. It gives them hope and motivation to do better work.

Praises can be in any form. For example complimenting for doing a good job, giving promotions and raises, giving them the title of employee of the day or month, etc.

But for some bosses, all they want is for the employees to devote all their time and effort. And when its time to give back, they start picking out the faults and mistakes they’ve made.

They never praise them for a great job they’ve done. But every time makes a certain mistake, they don’t hesitate to threaten to fire them.

This not only kills the employees’ morale but also encourages them to doubt their abilities.



Micromanaging is probably one of the worst ways you can kill employees’ morale.

As a leader, it sure is your job to make sure everything runs smoothly in an office. But that doesn’t mean you constantly need to micromanage your employees.

It gives them the conception that you don’t trust them and the work they do.

Constantly nagging about every little detail, always being there under their nose telling them what to do and what not to do, is how your employees lose interest in their jobs.

It discourages them even to come to work and do what once they loved doing.


Overworking employees.

things that kill employee morale

There is a reason why the working hour is set for 8 hours a day. Working more than that decreases your productivity as well as your creativity.

But still, people work after hours and overtime for the bosses sake.

Giving too much work and responsibility to just one employee not only sets him into a panic mode but also extremely decreases his confidence.

They feel like they’re getting punishments instead of rewards for their performance.

Thus, making them less productive, decreasing their productivity, and lowering their self-esteem.


Holding employees back.

We get it, hard workers are hard to find. Especially the ones who are so enthusiastic about their work.

And when someone finds an employee like this, it’s hard for them to let go.

But a man works hard in order to learn for it and grow. In order to move forward in his work and reach the highest level.

But managers sometimes sacrifice their upward mobility for their own best interest.

They take away their opportunities for advancements and stop you from moving forward.

Thus, killing your confidence, and will to work hard and do better.

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