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These Are The 5 Rarest Gemstone Found On Earth

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We humans ourselves are not rich. It’s the years of comprehending and availing earth’s resources that made us rich. We are rich because our Earth is rich. Besides its biotic components, the earth is merchandise to beautiful and salient stones, gemstones, and minerals.

All minerals are stones or rocks. But, the gemstone is the one that sparkles by its surfaces and edges. Gemstones are mineral crystals that are polished and perfectly sculpted. The first-ever gemstone to ever exist inside the earth’s crust is the Zichron crystal. Likewise, scientists say that it is 4.4 Billion years old.

These Are The 5 Rarest Gemstones Found On Earth

The interesting fact is, the mineral crystal that we are talking about is very rare to find. As it makes up a tiny fraction of 1% of the earth’s substance. Consequently, they are considered expensive and extremely exquisite to garnish jewelry. Here is what you need to know about these 5 rarest gemstones found on earth,

Musgravite gem

These gemstones are found only in Tanzania and Madagascar. Musgravite can come in both green and purple colors. They can cost up to US$35,000 per carat. However, every rare gemstone is not supposed to be expensive and vice versa.

These Are The 5 Rarest Gemstones Found On Earth

Padparadscha Sapphire

These rare sapphires are very less known to people. This gem is splendidly beautiful. As it is a mixture of pink and orange color shows a tied knot between ruby and yellow sapphire. They are mostly found in Srilanka, Madagascar, and Tanzania. Furthermore, the price of this rare gemstone may reach up to US$30,000 per carat.

These Are The 5 Rarest Gemstones Found On Earth
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Red Beryl

This crispy red color gem is very eye-catching. A study says that there is only one crystal found for every 150,000 diamonds that are mined. It costs US$10,000 per carat. Moreover, Utah, Siera County, Beaver County, and New Mexico are home to this rare gem.

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Alexandrite is one of my favorite gemstones from the list as it can change color according to light. Hence it is even referred to as “Emerald by day, ruby by night,” as it depicts green in sunlight and red in incandescent light. However, only a few people have seen this rare gemstone. It was originally discovered in Russia and later found in Srilanka, East Africa, and Brazil. It can cost between US$50,000 to $70,000.

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Benitoite gem

It’s an American gemstone from California, America. Other regions too claim to have found this gem. However, California is the origin of a gemstone quality matter. Additionally, this blue gem can cost from US$6500-$8000.

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