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The Untold Story of Pizza That You Probably Didn’t Know

The untold story of Pizza that we probably didn't know

I definitely am not a cheesy person but would love to have a few more extra inches of cheese on my Pizza. Be it its flaky crust, cloudy cheese, or tempting toppings, it never fails to satisfy my famished taste buds. It’s delightful how it can blend with all types of occasions anytime anywhere. 

According to a survey, 98 percent of Americans eat pizza, with 54 percent saying that it’s their favorite food. No wonder why it is on a pedestal amidst all food. But the Pizza that we see now has traveled a long way back from 1000 AD.

The Old Days

The untold story of Pizza that we probably didn't know
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Going back 1000 years ago, Greeks, Egyptians loved eating flatbreads. Focaccia is one of the most direct ancestors of Pizza. It was totally different than how we see it now. In fact, it didn’t even have our favorite things like pepperoni, cheese, or sauce.

However, in Italy, Pizza was just a mere food that poor people devoured as it was cheaper and tasty than any other options. It was just a piece of bread with toppings like garlic and salt. However, In 1889, one simple visit to Naples by Queen Margherita of Italy changed the whole concept of Pizza.

The queen ordered something special to please her tastebud. The chef decided to serve her Pizza giving his own innovative touch. He added Basil, Mozarella, and Tomato which even portrayed the flag of Italy. The queen was so impressed that it indicated the royal seal of approval. Yes! It’s the same Pizza we call “Margherita Pizza” today.

The untold story of Pizza that we probably didn't know
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Later when Italians migrated to the United States. They took a slice of their home’s taste with them. In the late 19th century, Americans embraced the undeniably tasty Pizza.

In 1905 first-ever Pizzeria opened in New York City’s Little Italy. Since then, starts the massive evolution of Pizza. In 1950, it was tremendously popular in the U.S. Eventually it made its appearance in other countries as well.

It has evolved creatively with time. Currently, the common toppings are chicken, ham, barbeque chicken, mushrooms, olives, onions, peppers, pineapple, sausage, salami, steak, beef, tomatoes, spinach, and pepperoni. No matter what the toppings are, it’s here to stay for a long time.

Pizza and Health

Looking from the health point of view, frozen and fast food Pizza contains preservatives, colorings, and unhealthy fats. A study in 1,352 people found that people who consumed over 70 gm of ready-made products like Pizza daily were more likely to have more belly fat than those who didn’t. Regardless, it’s okay to quench your temptation once in a while but anything over-consumed can be deleterious.

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