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The Tomorrow’s Curse

Human beings are, without a question, complex creatures. We hope our lives were as easy as that of a zebra, which only has to go through the day with enough food in its stomach. They don’t have to worry about their supervisor becoming upset since they didn’t finish the assignment on time. Because they worry less about the college deadline of their assignments. They don’t have to be concerned about tomorrow or its repercussions. Imagine a zebra saying, “I don’t want to eat my meal now; I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Putting Off Something for Tomorrow

The complication comes with intricate responsibilities, which may look little to some. While let’s be honest, some people may find one simple task overwhelming. We all do it, yet the extent to which we defer things varies. Some people may be putting off doing something as simple as phoning their grandmother to see how she is doing. Others, on the other hand, may be in denial about the reality that the item they’re delaying day by day will make them deeply regret their decisions.

Procrastination is sometimes dismissed as a person being lazy and making excuses for not completing things. But there’s a lot more to it than that. A chronic procrastinator may be aware of their obligations and the implications of not doing so, yet they may feel unable to do so today. Even though it eats them every day in their daily lives, they never manage to find the right time to begin doing something.

Making a Habitual Change

If you’re someone who procrastinates a lot but still thinks it’s not too late, simply do the item you’re putting off right now. You don’t have to finish it; just get started. But don’t make it a habit to say, “I’ll start tomorrow.” In my own experience, no matter what I tried, I was never able to push myself to do the assignment that I had been putting off for over a year.

My family and friends tried, but I let my bad habits get the best of me. It’s too late for me, but it’s not too late for you. I’m not attempting to persuade you to read an article since we both know it won’t work. But devote as little time as possible in a day to overcome this “disease” that we believe has overtaken us; because it has not.

Lastly, if you’re tempted to procrastinating projects because they’re too big, try breaking them down into smaller parts. Break your undertakings down into smaller pieces and concentrate on getting them started rather than finishing them.

You’ve got this!

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