The Power of Love

power of love

What is love? One of the most frequently asked questions by people. Yet, no one has an exact definition of love. Love has various meanings for different mindsets of people.

Love is the universal language because it require no words. It is a strong emotion representing compassion and deep affection. Love is unselfish and benevolent. Love is pure. Most importantly, love is commitment and connection between hearts.

Love, unlike feelings, do not come and go. It stays and commits itself to one person through the good and through the bad. A commitment field with love is what differentiates relationships.

True love happens after time has passed, after you have seen every good and bad part of your partner and vice versa. It takes just a moment to experience infatuation, but true love takes time. That’s what makes love so special.

Falling in love with the right person can act as a potent painkiller as good as many of the strongest drugs. When you are in an intense romance with your partner, you easily get distracted from every sort of pain in your lives.

Those who are in an intimate and committed relationship are often touched by the healing power of love. Your life partner, family, and friends give you an opportunity to develop patience, understanding and compassion. That is love.

While thinking about your loved one, you forget everything and your brain starts dreaming about the future with your partner. That’s what helps in reliving the pain inside you.

Love really can be a drug and pain reliever, if you are committed with the right person. As long as you are in love, you can get through anything in your life. Having this belief in your life, prevents you from dealing with any sort of pain and problems.

Sometimes, you may have a very good experience at your workplace or anywhere else. When you are in love, you eagerly wait to share it with your partner. If you both are really committed to each other, your partner will definitely understand your joys and emotions.


“Love is a smoke made by the fume of sighs” William Shakespeare.


When you have a bad or even worst day at your workplace or anywhere else, you will have someone to hold you up tight at the end of the day. This will definitely help you to get your pain healed. But if you are in love with a wrong person, he or she might be the reason to get you all sort of pains and relationship problems.

So, remember true love doesn’t happen in an instant. It is infatuation that hits you at the first sight. Confusing infatuation for true love may make you ignore the rest of your relationships. Not only that, you also might miss the chance for the real and long lasting love.

Also remember, romance only is not enough to make a relationship work. It is often seeing in the teenagers. Just being romantic with your partner will not heal away your pain. What will get you through the tough times are compatibility and commitment that you both share together.

So, are you really in love with the right person? Do you feel exactly as mention above about your partner and vice versa? And most importantly, does your love help you to heal all your pain? Think about it carefully.