The Perils of taking Life too Seriously

taking Life too Seriously

Life sure is a hard thing to conquer. The struggle of trying to keep up with the expectations of the world is what makes it hard.

On top of that, there are so many other factors. Like money, security, love, and all the materialistic things. As human beings, we have to have it all.

In the process of surviving and finding the happiness money would bring, we forget to actually live our life. We forget to smile and have fun in our lives.

We’re all taught from the very beginning that life is only complete when we have lots of money with us. So, without thinking things through, we set out for the journey of life.

Everything we do to survive turns us into something we’d never picture we’d be when little. It makes us take life so seriously that we forget life is whatever we make it.

I understand there are times in our lives where if you’re not serious, you won’t get things done.

There are times in life where we get so caught up with ourselves, we forget about the existence of everything else.

However, that doesn’t make it fair to live life in constant seriousness.

Taking life too seriously means not knowing how to live your life to the fullest.

You might think what harm does it to if you’re not having fun in your life. I’m still alive and honestly earning and saving more money than everyone else.

That right there is the problem. Money does not describe our life. Blame it on society for making money the most important thing. For making materialistic things more important than the things that actually matter.

Why you shouldn’t take life too seriously?

What I’ve learned so far from life is that we should take life as it comes. I believe good things take time. And while waiting for the good things to happen, we should never stress over the bad ones.

Bad situations are only there to teach us life lessons. And one thing I can tell you is to remember that after every storm there comes a rainbow.

So, stressing over the past and getting serious over the future is something we all need to avoid.

After all, life is uncertain. And death is an inevitable truth that we all need to face. So, what good is going to come out of taking life too seriously?

In fact, it does more harm than good.


The Perils.

Health Issues.

It’s okay to be serious sometimes. It keeps us focused on our goals and makes us hard workers and thinkers.

But when you start getting a little more serious than you actually should, there arises the problem.

It is a known fact that stress is a silent killer. And around 90% of illnesses are a direct result of stress.

While it’s good to be serious, but don’t be so serious that you’ll start stressing and worrying about every little thing.

When you start getting too serious about the problems in your life, you start stressing out. And when a person starts stressing out, his health starts deteriorating.


Ruined Relationships.

Relationships are very important to us, whether it’s with our families, friends, or better halves. Relationships are something that shapes and defines us.

Every relationship needs time to nurture. It needs effort from both sides to make it work.

But when we’re too busy figuring out how to survive, we tend to forget little things that make surviving easier.

We forget about our families, friends, and our loved ones because we’re too caught up with the seriousness of life.

Thus, we end up ruining what actually matters, and that is our relationships with our loved ones.


Life becomes really hard.

I think life is given to us to live. And here we are trying to survive and forgetting to live.

There is an obvious difference between living and surviving, and if you keep taking life too seriously you’ll never realize it. Maybe you will but only when it’s too late.

When you forget to have fun in life and cherish little things, your life becomes really hard.

All you’re going to get with a serious life is added pressure and a life that’s slowly fading away, not in a good way.


Mental Issues.

And finally, all that stress and seriousness leads to different mental health issues.

We all get so busy trying to make our life perfect. We have to have the perfect face, hair, and outfit. Our work, our house, and everything else should always be perfect, right?

Hence, this need for perfection and seriousness leads us to mental disorders like anxiety, PTSD, depression, etc.

Life becomes so much harder if you have mental disorders. And taking life too seriously only adds up to it.

So, the best thing to do is to live your life in the best way possible. Don’t ever let money or material things define you.

Sure there are hard days, everyone endures it. But stressing over how hard your life is and getting serious over every little thing is not the way to live.

A little sense of humor never hurts anyone. And trying to incorporate the same into your life will make it easier for you to live.

Therefore, keep the seriousness aside for a while and try living your life, not surviving.

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