The NBA’s Toronto Raptors President, Masai Ujiri Sued By A Sheriff’s Deputy: Seeking General Damages In Excess of $75,000

The photo of Masai Ujiri

If you know the English-born Nigerian professional basketball executive, Masai Ujiri, then you might have heard his recent controversy which is on-air. The former basketball player, Masai just got sued by one of the Sheriff’s deputy for his actions during the 2019 NBA Finals. And recently, the deputy officer, Alan Strickland has filed a case against him for assault, battery, intentional infliction, and emotional distress.

Not only this but the deputy is now seeking compensation for his damages in excess of $75,000. Moreover, he has also asked for punitive damages and medical expenses. Shortly after the incident,  a video of their conflict went viral on Twitter. In the video, we can easily see Ujiri and Alan discussing for some reason.

The Root Cause of Masai Ujiri’s Controversy

During the 2019 NBA on 13th June 2019, Toronto Raptors was playing against Golden State Warriors, there Ujiri also came to enjoy the match. Masai Ujiri, who has been serving as the president of the Toronto Raptors, reported having failed in showing proper credentials for the access of the floor to the game court. When an Alameda County Sheriff deputy shoved him, as per the reports, Ujiri shoved him back.

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Shortly after their discussion started floating on air, they got covered by the crowd where some security personnel tried to separate the two. After an intense staredown between the two, we can see Kyle Lowry on the video who brings Ujiri to celebrate with the team.

Masai Ujiri Sued By A Sheriff’s Deputy

After the incident, the Alameda Country Sheriff, Alan Stickland filed a lawsuit against Masai Ujiri with his wife, Kelly Stickland. He wants to have a jury trial and seeking $75,000 for his general damages as well as punitive damages and medical expenses. He claims that Masai Ujiri assaulted him physically, emotionally.

Masai Ujiri celebrating with his team with credentials in his hand
Masai Ujiri celebrating with his team with credentials in his hand
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According to Strickland, he had first attempted to stop Ujiri from walking onto the court because he could not find proper credentials. However, when we see the video, Ujiri is not assaulting Alan physically or mentally. The local police found no reason to charge Ujiri so that they have announced no charges would be filed.

After the announcement, Ujiri stated:

I am extremely pleased with the decision. While these past months have been difficult waiting for a determination on this matter. I understand the nature of the process and am appreciative of the efforts of all involved. I am happy that is now behind me. Well I look forward to the task of bringing another championship to the city of Toronto. 

As soon as the video of the incident doesn’t show any proves of Ujiri making physical contact with Alan, he is free of his accusations.

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Sheriff’s Office Spokesman Statement

The incident of Ujiri happened with one of the Sheriff’s deputy officers. Following, the spokesman of the Alameda Country Sheriff’s Office, Sgt. Ray Kelly released a statement which said:

(The deputy) did not know who the man was and asked for the credential, and that’s when he tried to push past our deputy, and our deputy pushed him back, and there was another push that kind of moved up and struck our deputy in the face. At that point, several bystanders intervened and the executive did ultimately get back onto the court without displaying credentials.

The altercation happened due to the lack of information about Ujiri. However, from another point, the deputy officer was just doing his job. Concluding all, the incident didn’t seem intentional.

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