The Most Romantic Ways to Propose

Marriage is the most important commitment for a person. And what’s more important than your wedding day is how you proposed your significant other.

There are so many ways you can make the day you propose special. Whether you chose to do a plain and simple proposal or go the extra mile, it’s a day you’ll need to talk about for a long time.

And the more extravagant the proposal, the better the story to tell for years to come.

To be very honest, proposing is a daunting task, even if you love them a lot and been together for long.

What if it isn’t the right idea? What if they’re not ready to marriage? Or what if they simply say no?

The level of anxiety is definitely high before you’re about to ask someone to marry you.

Think about it, marriage isn’t child’s play. It is a lifetime commitment to be with someone.

Not everyone is Kim Kardashian who has been asked for marriage by three different people, each one more romantically than the other.

If you’re planning for the big day but are confused about how to do it, don’t even worry.

Here are the most romantic ways to propose.

Choose a location where you have lots of memories.

Places have a special space in our hearts, especially the ones that bring back all the good memories.

I’m sure you also share one with the person you love. Whether its a park where you had casual dates, a cafe nearby where you spent entire days, or anything else.

Sure going to a far off place and picking a famous destination is great. But most people do that and it’s so boring, seriously.

What could be more romantic than being in a familiar place with a familiar person? And asking their hand for marriage while reminiscing all the beautiful memories associated with the place?

So, the most romantic way to propose would be picking a familiar place with hundreds of memories and adding one more.

Turn your room into a memory timeline.

There is honestly nothing romantic then reminiscing beautiful memories. And to make your proposal day more romantic, why not redecorate your room?

Fill the place with all your beautiful photographs together. Also, bring all the gifts you’ve gave one another and put it all over.

To be a little extra maybe write tiny notes explaining how and when did you give or receive the gifts.

Trust me, it would be the most magical thing.

Get the family involved.

Getting your family involved in staging a proposal is more romantic than you can think.

You can all work together that builds better trust between the two families.

And since you’re planning to spend the rest of your life becoming a family, what could be better than seeking help from your future in-laws?

Let your pet dog help you out.

What is better than involving your families into the proposal? Involving your pet dog.

That’s right, your pet dog.

You can train your dog to present your significant other with the ring the moment you signal them.

No matter the setting, involving your dog makes the scenario a thousand times better and more romantic.

Be extra and pull a Monica Geller-style proposal.

Have you watched Friends? If you’re a millennial, I’m pretty sure you’re a huge Friends fan and so is your significant other.

So, why not pull a full Monica Geller-style proposal?

Chandler in the series is about to propose to Monica but he keeps playing little tricks so she wouldn’t figure it out.

However, Monica finds out about it and before he could even think, she gets on her knees and does it.

She lights up every candle she could find in her room and gives the most beautiful proposal speech.

The one no one could say no to.

If you get a hint that your significant other is about to get on their knees and ask you to marry them, give them a surprise and you do it instead.


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