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The Most and Least Common Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs

Do you feel like you are constantly meeting people with the same zodiac sign? You look around at people, and they share almost the same characteristics. And there are always some scarce zodiac signs. You might not even have heard or known people in these rare zodiac signs.

The reason for this might be because the birth rate is high or low on certain months. Couples usually conceive babies around the holidays or during Valentine’s day. So, many parts of the population are born around a specific date. This leads to a more significant chunk of the population sharing the same birthday and the same zodiac sign.

However, there are fewer babies born during certain times of the year. This leads to a decrease in the population of some zodiac signs making them rare.

But most of these popular zodiac signs are different according to regions, countries, and also hemisphere.

Without further ado, the most common zodiac signs are…

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

scorpion illustration
Image by Lena Helfinger from Pixabay

Scorpio is reportedly the most common zodiac sign in the US population. It is estimated that about 9.6% of the population is Scorpio. Scorpios are born in late October or mid-November. Hence, they are conceived around February or Valentine’s day. Valentine’s day is the day for lovers. This romantic day perfectly explains why there are so many Scorpios everywhere you go!

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

woman smiling illsutration
Image by Lena Helfinger from Pixabay

If you also keep running into Virgos, this might be why. Virgo is the second most common sign in the US. Virgo tails Scorpio at 9.4% of the population. Virgos are born during late August and mid-September. So, these people are conceived around Christmas or New Year. The cold winter holidays seem like a perfect time for couples to cuddle up and engage in some baby-making sessions.

And the least common zodiac signs are…

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

pot spilling water illustration
Image by Lena Helfinger from Pixabay

Aquarius is the rarest zodiac sign in the US. The US population only consists of 6.3% Aquarius. This makes them a rare breed as a whole. Aquarius are born from late January to early February. The number of dates consisting for Aquarius is also the lowest. Aquarius babies also have to be conceived in hot summers, which seems like an awful time to make babies. So, naturally, there are not many Aquarius around because of these reasons.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Lion illustration
Image by Lena Helfinger from Pixabay

Leos are another rare sign that you might come across. There are only 7.1% of Leos in the US. They are the second least common zodiac sign in the US population. Leos are born from late July to early August. So they are conceived somewhere during late November to early December. It seems like Thanksgiving is not the most romantic holiday for couples to make babies. Seems like couples are contained with just making turkeys.

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