The Indoor Generation: Life inside a cage

indoor generation

‘Indoor’ is a place to escape from extreme temperature, humidity and pollution.

Most of the people think they escape from all these effects of environment by staying inside the closed doors.

But is it really that effective to stay inside a closed door for long?

If it is, for how long are you going to stay in a cage? Here’s what staying closed inside a door actually does.

Today’s generation spends 90% of their life indoor. It all started when we left the nature behind us by picking out many alternative ways.

We filled our homes with stuffs we wanted in our lives so that we would not have to go outside. Artificial lights have replaced daylights.

To make the darkness bearable, we put artificial sun everywhere in our home.

When the air turns bad inside, we try fixing it with chemicals.

We have become so lazy to walk around and be social.

Rather than being a social human being, we have started to live our lives within social media. We have closed ourselves in to a point where nothing could get out.

That’s when things starts to happen. It’s hard to notice in the beginning. Some people need help to sleep, to breathe, to itch. Many of us have even started to feel sad about our lives.

Scientist have discovered that the air inside our home is up to five times more polluted than the air outside and that the lack of daylight can affect children’s mental ability.

It turns out that the kid’s room often have the highest concentration of toxicants.

Science shows that classrooms that are well lit with daylight make for more effective learning than those that are poorly lit.

There is no reason to doubt that these benefits also apply in the home and workplace.

It is very important that we re-think the way we live indoor and change the indoor generation mindset.

From individuals to families, from companies to governments, we all have a responsibility to do everything we can to make sure our homes are healthy places to live and grow up in.

How the story ends is up to you because it’s not written yet.

You are the one to decide your story. Begin to think differently.

Let light and fresh air get into your lives. Even a small change can make a huge difference in coming generation.