The Ex-Husband of Chelsea Winter, Mike Bullot Came Up As The Bachelorette NZ Intruder

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If you watch a New Zealand competitive reality TV cooking show, MasterChef Zealand, then you might know that Chelsea Winter was the winner of the show in 2012. Today’s topic is about her ex-husband, Mike Bullot who recently came up as one of the five new intruders in the New Zealand dating game show, The Bachelorette NZ.

Mike Bullot, who has been working as an Auckland sailor, made his debut on the show last Sunday on 16th February 2020 with other three contestants on the show. After his divorce with the NZ chef and TV personality, Mike has decided to move-on in his life with a new partner. He is on the show now and performing well. What was the reason for his divorce with Chelsea Winter?

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Mike Bullot As Intruder On The Bachelorette NZ

Mike Bullot recently made a surprise entrance on Sunday night’s The Bachelorette NZ. He decided to be on the show after the divorce with his ex-wife, Chelsea Winter. Going through Mike’s Bachelorette’s profile, he is now looking for a girl who can understand him. He stated:

Someone I have fun with, a kind and genuine smile, doesn’t take herself too seriously, confident in herself and what she wants.

Mike Bullot on The Bachelorette NZ program with one of the contestants
Mike Bullot on The Bachelorette NZ program with one of the contestants
Image Source: stuff.co.nz

On the show, Mike also revealed his split in 2018 with his ex-wife, Chelsea. Currently, he is searching for a perfect partner on the show. Let’s hope he will find an ideal partner on the show.

Divorce With Ex-Wife, Chelsea Winter

As we mentioned earlier, Mike Bullot introduced on the show following his divorce with his long-time partner and now ex-spouse, Chelsea Winter. His ex-wife, Chelsea is the winner of 2012 MasterChef New Zealand opposite the chef judges, Simon Gault, Ray McVinnie and Josh Emmett.

Mike Bullot with his ex-wife, Chelsea Winter
Mike Bullot with his ex-wife, Chelsea Winter
Image Source: New Idea on Yahoo

Chelsea has successfully made her career as a New Zealand chef, entrepreneur, food writer, and TV personality. Also, her 5th cookbook, Eat listed as the number one selling title of the year in 2017 in New Zealand.

Mike who is currently 35 was married to Chelsea in 2013. The couple had a very smooth relationship together and spent five years of married life before their separation. Chelsea had first announced their split in November 2018. In 2018, Chelsea went to her Facebook and revealed:

Hi everyone. I’ve got something personal to share that I would like you to hear directly from me. It’s with sadness I say that earlier this year, my marriage to Mike came to an end. As I’m sure many of you can appreciate, it has been a difficult and deeply personal thing to go through. Thank you for respecting our privacy as we both now move forward with our lives.

She moreover added:

I just want you to know that although it was a sad time, I am okay, and looking now to the future. I will always love and respect Mike and I am grateful for the time we had together.

Chelsea Winter announced her split with Mike Bullot
Chelsea Winter announced her split with Mike Bullot through her Facebook
Image Source: Chelsea’s Facebook

During an interview with NEXT magazine, she revealed the reason for their divorce saying:

All of a sudden, I realised that I wasn’t really happy living in Auckland anymore. On paper everything was great – it was a nice house in a nice area – but I wasn’t feeling fulfilled.

When Mike was asked about the reason for his split with Chelsea on The Bachelorette NZ, he said:

I think we just became different people.

Whatsoever is the reason for their divorce, both of the former partners have moved on their lives after selling their marital home in Pt Chevalier, Auckland.

Chelsea Shares a Son With Now Partner, Douglas Renall

On one side, Mike Bullot is searching for a life partner on the show, The Bachelorette NZ after remaining single for 18 months. However, on the other hand, Chelsea has now moved on with her former childhood sweetheart, Douglas Renall. The couple welcomed a child son, Sky in July 2019.

Chelsea Winter shares a picture with her son on her Instagram
Chelsea Winter shares a picture with her son on her Instagram
Image Source: Chelsea’s Instagram

Chelsea announced the birth of her son via Instagram with a caption:

Say hello to little Sky Leonardo Renall. He was born at home as planned, in a hurry to get here (only about 1.5 hours of established labour says my awesome midwife) a healthy bundle of pure deliciousness. Mama and Papa are kind of bamboozled how they somehow created something so perfect. #mindblown. Sending love to all of you – thank you for your support ♥️ Oh, and Mama is doing super well too.

Currently, Chelsea is spending a beautiful relationship with Douglas as they keep posting pictures together on their social media. We wish Mike good luck on his search for a perfect partner.

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