The Critical Distinction Between Learning Versus Performance You Should Know

The Critical Distinction Between Learning Versus Performance You Should Know

The two significant aspects of human life, Learning, and Performance.

The ability to learn is one of the necessary attributes that living being possesses.

However, learning is one thing, but Performing after learning is the real key to understand life.

If we do the hierarchy between learning and performance, then we must have to put Learning at the top.

First, we learn and gather all the knowledge and wisdom through the learning process like Education, Life Experience, Job experience, and the list go on and on.

Eventually, the next thing after the learning process is to use the knowledge to create something valuable.

Before getting back into the topic, first, we need to understand:


What Are Learning And Performance?

Learning Versus Performance

Performance is anything that requires living beings’ mental and physical labor to accomplished some desire.

Whereas, Learning is the process of gaining information and experiences through mental ability or working ability or both.


Significance Of Learning and Performance

See! if you look closely, you will fell the great distinction between learning and performance. I

t is essential to differentiate between these two incredible phenomena accurately. With this, it helps you to know how to learn and when to perform.


Let’s start to Differentiate Between Learning and Performance Critically (Learning Versus Performance).

Learning is the process of doing work for the future; education needs time and patience.

On the other hand, performance is the activity that is done on the basis of accumulated knowledge gained during the learning process.

Whereas Performance is measurable, we can measure the performance of the basis of a given task or based on work done.

However, for humans, it is very hard to measure. How have people learned? Or How much they know?  We cannot measure someone’s intellectual power, and learning is an intellectual aspect of a living being.

From ancient time learning and performance is the critical point to debated or discuss upon, we still don’t know how our minds work and how they perceive.

Although many mind-boggling innovations and new findings are common in neuroscience, we are still far away from understanding the brain.

Learning is the crucial part; we are still unknown about how we learn things effectively.

The only thing the human subconscious knows is what kind of resource we need to learn, and nothing more than that. After that, it’s totally up to you on how and how much you are going to learn?

Performance is something that you expect from your learning.

Likewise, if you are intellect enough, you may learn quickly to perform efficiently.

On the other hand, there are different ways of measuring your performance, including the mathematical approach.


What Is Performance Measurement?

Performance measurements are the mechanism by which information about a person, a community, an entity, a system, or a component is collected, analyzed, and/or recorded.

For your knowledge, there are two powerful techniques to measure performance.

  1. Balance Scorecard
  2.  Key Performance Indicator


Other Important Aspects Of Learning And Performance

Perform and learning are the two faces of one coin.

If you need a coin then, you have to own both sides. So, if you have the desire and need for something then you need to own learning and Performing.

The two essential factors, learning, and performing, are a never-ending circle. In every step of your life, you are going to deal with this.

Learners are the seekers, and seeking evolves curiosity. We, humans, are blessed with interest. It’s our curiosity which enables us to come out and built cities and civilization.

Whereas it’s our performance which made us one of the most advanced generations since we human starts to call ourselves as a civilization.



So far, we have mentioned some of the critical distinction between Learning and performance, and it is crucial to building up some of your idea and understanding over this particular matter.

Our life expectancy is not so long, and life is uncertain. So, in this short life span, what you learn and how fast you perform, it’s up to you.

So, take a wise decision and step ahead with your learning and performing venture. Importantly, make sure to differentiate Learning and performance in our dirty way.

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