The Australian Chef and Restaurateur, George Calombaris Bio, Net worth, Wife, Restaurants, Height, and House

George Calombaris

A well polished and refined chef, George Calombaris is a judge of a popular show Masterchef Australia in Australia. Before MasterChef, he used to appear in a cookery show called Ready Steady Cook which used to air on Network 10. Besides these shows, he owns seven restaurants of his own in total.

George Calombaris
George Calombaris in his childhood days
Source: Instagram

George Dimitrios Calombaris was born on 4 October 1978, in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, to his parents Jim Calombaris and Mary Colambaris. Further, he went to Mazenod College for his high education. Also, his zodiac sign is Libra.

George Calombaris Marital Life

George Colambaris is a happily married person. Further, he is married to his beautiful wife Natalie Tricarico 2018. George was in a long term relationship with his wife for eleven years before they tied their knot. George and Natalie were married in Greece. Additionally, the reception was held from where the view of the Mediterranean sea can be seen.

Calmboris and Natalie Wedding
Source: Greek city times

George and Natalie share two offspring altogether. Further, they have a son namely James Calonbaris who was born in 2011 and a daughter namely, Michaela Calombaris who was born in 2013. Well, they seem to be a happy family.

George Calombaris
George and his family
Source: Aussie Celebs

In an interview, when he was asked about his family, he said:

I’m very privileged and lucky to have beautiful and healthy children, and Natalie has been an incredible backbone in everything in my life. She’s had to put up with a lot with me. I’m a very lucky man.

George Calombaris Controversy and Scandal

In 2014’s Mother ‘s Day, due to 90 people suffering from vomiting and diarrhea and stomach cramps, one of the Calombaris’ restaurants, Hellenic Republic was closed for 24 hours for the investigation. Later, the workers were found to be responsible for unhealthy food.

In April 2017, approximately $2.6 million in back payments was reported of disbursed to 162 workers employed by the Made Establishment because of “discrepancies” in the payroll since 2011. As a result, the celebrity chef was ordered to pay $200,000 by the government after underpaying 515 staff between 2011 and 2017 by more than $7.8million on July 18, 2019.

Likewise, a 19-year-old blamed Calombaris for a standard Allianz Stadium ambush in the 2017 Grand Final A-League. Later, Calombaris apologized to him in a statement for this behavior.

Furthermore, Brendan Green, who was the Colambaris’s advocate of interest, didn’t arrive on the court. As a result, on Jan 31, 2018, Calombaris was paid $1000 for a charge. But in January 2018, a Sydney judge informed that the celebrity chef, Calomboris had lost $750,000 dollars in sponsorship. Due to this, the judge overturned Calombaris’ conviction for an assault.

George Calombaris Net worth

As per the reports, the celebrity chef of Australia has an estimated net worth of over $4.5 million. Additionally, through his passion for food, Calombaris has managed to gather a mouth-watering amount of fortune. Also, he is the owner of the range of international restaurants which includes his very own Maha Bar and Grill in Melbourne, his birthplace.

Talking about his assets, back in 2014, he bought a luxurious house the name of his wife Natalie Tricarico which had a worth of around $4.75 million. However, as per the reports of February 2020, he has listed this house for sale.

Moreover, Calombaris and his wife Natalie have bought their Safety Beach weekender which was previously owned by the corporate vehicle Trial Beach Pty Ltd in 2013. As per the public records, the house was believed to be bought in around $580,000.

Back in December 2019, reports were suggesting that celebrity chef George Calombaris’ Mornington Peninsula beach house was on sale for the price between $900,000 to $950,000.

Colambaris About To Sell His Toorak Mansion

It is quite weird that multi-millionaire is about to sell his property. It is due to the collapse of his restaurant. Further, he bought this house when he was climbing the stairs of success in 2013 in about $4.74 million. But it got the board of “expression of interest” on this Monday as his famous restaurants teeter on the brink of collapse.

Calombaris Wears Black Specs Every time. Why?

Well, you have seen this amazing chef, Calombaris wearing black specs every time. Further, he even wears in an interview in a closed room. Everyone was astonished by his nature. Everyone was curious about the truth behind his behavior. Colambaris finally opened his mouth and told the reason behind it. He said:

‘Honestly, I’ve gone under two eye operations. A month ago, Saturday morning, I’ll play one of my head chefs. I didn’t finish until late the night before, I went in a little tired, a little bit underdone and the ball smacked me right in the eye! ‘Bright lights absolutely punish me at the moment, just while this eye is healing. So those of you thinking that I had a big night… I wish!’

George Calombaris
Eye Surgery of George
Source: Instagram

Well, he posted on Instagram, about his surgery on the eye which was shown by a pointed arrow. Further, he was in the bed of the Royal Victorian Eye and Ear Hospital and was ready for surgery.

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