The 4 Best Insulated Grocery Bags For Shopping

Don’t you hate when your groceries are mushy and warm by the time you get back home? Your greens might still look good enough, but your meat and dairy can even go bad very soon. Sometimes I forget to bring my groceries from the car only to find it’s gone wrong in just a while. As I started a solution for my shopping grocery bag problems, I came across the option of using insulated bags.

However, you would be happy to know that you can use it for tons of other purposes. You can use your insulated tote bags for picnics, carry your takeaways, storing your pantry and even medicines. We want multi-purpose things. So, it’s essential that while you are shopping for an insulated grocery bag, you compare certain features.

Things to consider while buying an insulated bags:

  1. The size or capacity that the bag can hold.
  2. Interior of the bag and materials used.
  3. Closure (the type of zipper or flap or velcro used).
  4. Your Budget.
  5. Artwork and design.

Let’s find out about the 4 Best insulated grocery bags brands:

1.VENO Insulated Reusable Grocery Bag:

Among these four best-insulated grocery bags, this one provides the best value for money. Veno grocery bags are for the ones who are on a strict budget but don’t want to compromise on the quality. For as much as $14, you can get a set of 2 insulated grocery bags. Although they are a little small in size, they can carry about 7.8 gallons each.

Insulated Grocery bags
Veno Insulated Grocery bags

Another reason why this bag is so much better than others is that they use 80% of recycled materials on their bags. The insides of these bags are covered with aluminium protecting the thermal insulation. They keep your food hot or cold inside without letting the smell outside. It is perfect for food delivery, as well.

Best features of Veno insulated grocery bags:

  1. Value for the price.
  2. Durable, robust design and reliable construction.
  3. The lid covering closed with a zipper.
  4. Two different colour option: black and cyan.
  5. Made using recycled waste from the ocean and see.
  6. Classic design and style.

You can either get two bags for $14.99 or a set of three for $21.99. This insulated bag can be used for multiple purposes like grocery shopping or picnics or camping and travel.

2. Rachael Ray thermal tote bag:

(Amazon review: 4.5/5 stars)

This thermal insulated bag can hold 10 gallons of heavy groceries. Thus, it makes the bag perfect for going out grocery shopping or small picnics and parties. The tote bag can store either hot or cold items for hours. The bag has Triple-Tek foam insulation which helps to retain the temperature inside.

Insulated Grocery bags
Rachael Ray Insulated Grocery bags

The temper foil lining inside the bag also ensures that there is no leakage from the bag. The bag has a zipper closure which makes the bag easy to close and open while retaining the temperature. The best features of Rachel Ray’s thermal insulated tote grocery bags are:

  1. The convertible straps.
  2. A leakproof interior that is easy to clean.
  3. Foldable and easy to store.
  4. Exterior pockets.
  5. Three-layer insulation for best results.
  6. Colour variety and options.

Rachel Ray offers other size and various options which ranges from $13-$24.

3. NZ home insulated grocery bags:

(Amazon review: 4.3/5 stars)

If you are looking for something durable and robust, the bags by NZ home will be the best one for you. Their classic black colour makes the bags look classy and clean. The bags range in size so you can choose the one that suits your needs the best. If you are looking only for a grocery bag, you can select the smaller or medium-sized ones. But if you want to store bulk items, go for the classic XXXlarge option.

NZ home Insulated Grocery bags.

Some of the key features which make these insulated grocery bags the best one among the 4 are:

  1. High-quality performance and adaptability.
  2. They are built to last: Durable and very strong.
  3. Varying sizes: Choose the one that’s the best for you,
  4. Collapsible/foldable.
  5. Clear side Pocket, 3-inch long Zipper Pullers.
  6. Reinforced Bottom
  7. Strengthened Quad Handles

It ranges from $15-$35 according to the size and design. Although it can be a little bit on the expensive side, NZ home insulated bags are a value for the price that you pay. The use of steel zipper and aluminium inner insulation layer really makes the product the best grocery bag among the 4. It can be a one time purchase that can last a long time which will also help reduce the environmental pollution caused by plastic usage.

4.  Earthwise Reusable Bags:

(Amazon ratings: 4.2/5 stars)

Although these bags aren’t rated as much as others, it’s a steal for the price. These Earthwise bags can keep your grocery items, either cold or hot which is basically what you want from an insulated bag. The bags by Earthwise are a value for the price and durable. Your meat and dairy items can remain frozen inside for hours on end. The bags have an extra lining which makes it safer to keep liquids inside.

Earthwise Insulated Grocery bags

The best features of Earthwise insulated grocery shopping bags are:

  1. Leakproof lining and easy to clean.
  2. Double thermal insulation inside with nylon material for outside.
  3. Quite large in size: 12 x 10 x 2 inches.
  4. The bags are only 1 pound, so it’s light.
  5. Five different colour options.

The price for the set of 2 bags is $19.99. You can choose the colour you like. If you want something cheaper than this, you can also try Earthwise collapsible, reusable bags on a set of 3. Although these bags are not insulated, they make your shopping easier.