Temptation Island: A Dating Show So Bad You Cannot Look Away

Temptation Island: A Dating Show So Bad You Cannot Look Away

Dating shows are all the hype these days. From The Bachelor- Bachelorette franchise to Too Hot To Handle, this formula just seems to work for producers. Most of these shows are guilty pleasures for many of us. They showcase participants with idealized body types partying their time away. These contestants find “love” or something to fight about and we are all here for it. Hence comes the dating show, Temptation Island.

The Premise…

Like most of the dating shows on TV, this show also features “hot” contestants. The premise of Temptation Island follows four couples who are flown to Hawaii for a vacation. These couples already have a stressed relationship which is further tested by separating them on the island. The separated couples reside with other attractive singles of the opposite sex that are also contestants in the show. And that is where the temptation occurs.

people drinking alcohol
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The paradise-like resort is filled with alcohol and a contestant party almost every night. And with alcohol comes some bad decisions.

As the separated couples have no means of communicating with each other, they often make a mess of their relationship. The show showcases cheating and scandals like no other. Despite the horrible premise, you will be not able to look away because of the drama that ensues.

Then comes the bonfires, where the shit goes down. Bonfires are events when the host steps in.  The host shows the couples the behavior of their partner without them. However, the videos shown to the men and women have no context attached to them. They just show a snippet of videos that may contain a video of their partner cheating, flirting, or just making a connection with other singles.

Mark L. Walberg (not Mark Wahlberg) is the host of the show. He acts as the sort of therapist on the show and manages to stay out of the controversies. He guides the contestant to find themselves and talks them through their relationships.

Why is it a trainwreck you cannot look away from?

The moral fiber of Temptation Island is, however, something that makes it an absolute trainwreck you cannot look away from. Since the couples have no contact while on the island, they lean on singles for support. But the singles themselves have ulterior motives. They are eager singles on an island looking for hookups, connection, or even “true love.” They make a move on the people who are still in a committed relationship without holding back.

That is when the cheating and heartbreak ensues. The “couples” see their significant other being close to these hot people and are left without answers at bonfires. Some of the significant others cheat on their partners as revenge and some are left feeling horrible. You feel so bad for some of them but can’t stop watching.

The couple finally meets at the end of the show. They have three options when leaving. Leave with your partner, leave with a single you formed a relationship with, or leave alone. And that is the juiciest part of the show.

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