Does School Prepare Students for the Real World?

real world students

If you are a teenager ready to take a step forward to face the challenges of the world, are you prepared enough?

Has your school taught you the real skill sets that you can face any circumstance? Be honest with yourself.

The modern youth of our society are being supposedly less ready for adulthood than their parents’ generation. Youths today are the perfect example of what can happen if parents never challenge their children to go above and beyond. Similar goes with the schools.

School and university education doesn’t tackle the real world issues.

Real life skills are nowhere included in the curriculum. That’s where the gap occurs between what students learn and why they need to learn for later life.

The school system does not encompass learning instead, uses traditional courses subjects and topics.

In the world of efficient technology, the question still arises: Are the schools preparing students for the real world? Are school even filling in the gaps where parents don’t educate their children about basics?

To be honest, this generation of youths lacks positive attitude, vision, values, skills, creativity, teamwork, and many other factors.

If you throw a student to the real world, they will not be able to handle themselves or the problems.

Current education system teaches basic necessities, however most of the curriculum is not anywhere applicable in the real world. Education system focuses on getting good grades rather than finding passion, talents or a purpose within the students.

Even though schools do teach helpful skills like perseverance, responsibility and social skills, they fail to connect the material.

They fail to teach the struggle to make sure that students can be independent after high school.


Education System of Schools

Does school prepare students for the real world?

The mindset given to the students by their parents and the education system in their school is totally misleading.

Education is only limited to study hard and become doctors, engineers, or lawyers. Many students actually don’t even know who they actually want to be.

Students learn how to memorize certain information rather than learning critical life skills on how to manage money, how to negotiate or how to communicate in the real world.

To be honest, this might help you to get good degree, but in the long run, it will definitely hunt you down.

A degree can help you to grow few skills and make new connections, but it doesn’t teach you about success, hard work, dedication and passion.

“The more grades you have, the more chances you have to get a better job”, this is the mentality of most people.

Though, with change in time, companies have started to hire skill smart students rather than the book smart ones.

For instance, in a marketing firm, if the interviewer asks you about to describe marketing, and you start telling the definition of marketing from any book that you have learned, the interviewer will immediately kick you out of the office.

Companies do not want someone limited to books and cannot used their own head.

Rather, they want someone who has good skills and knowledge and how to use it in a better way.

School trains you to have the mindset that a given amount of effort will always bring a measurable, predictable, and successful result. The real world doesn’t work like that.


So, what should be done to bring changes?

Does school prepare students for the real world?

In order to make changes, schools need to make a little effort towards the education system.

Teachers of the schools need to be allowed to promote creativity among students to provoke their curious nature and desire to learn more.

The education system as a whole should not be confined in boundaries where students are seated in the traditional rows and column style. Students must not be brainwashed that good grades are the steps of being successful.

Instead of theoretical learning, students should be pushed more towards practical learning.

Specifically for the undergraduate students, who will be stepping to the real world soon.

Often, the education system are one way learning where teachers keep on teaching and students keep on learning.

But, teachers and students should go hand in hand. Students should get chance to share their opinions and feelings with their teacher and get right feedback.

With internet booming and many opportunities pooping up, the students must get chance to learn.

They must get chance to explore the real world. For that, schools and students must put a little extra effort on enhancing the knowledge for both the existing as well as future generations.