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Spartan Lifestyle: Ways To Live Like A Spartan In Modern World

Spartan lifestyle and values

Sparta was an ancient city in Greece from the 750 to around 3rd Century BCE. Spartan lifestyles and values have been glorified all around the world. Located in the ancient grounds of Laconia in Greece, Spartan people built an empire. There are many claims that life in the ancient city wasn’t as good as we think it was. The constitution of Sparta believed in slaves and killing them in order to avoid uprisings. An average man spent their whole life training to be a warrior. Even at that time, the Spartan mentality was very different from the rest of the world. An antique idol of Sparta Warrior

However, there are many principles which made the civilization successful for centuries. The Spartan men and women lived a lifestyle that kept them safe from the world outside. Currently, some people want to be away from the technological world that has made us materialistic. Spartan lifestyle and mentality will instill values different from the modern world.

There are many things that we can learn from these warrior men which can keep us content. You might not be able to follow all their principles as it would be absurd in the modern world to even think of some, but you can adopt the good ones.

The 12 things you must do in order to live your life like a spartan soldier are given below:

1. Minimalism in Spartan Lifestyle:

Spartan lifestyle and values

To this date, you will find thousands of people trying to adopt a minimalistic lifestyle. People have become so spoilt with all the possession that it is almost impossible to survive without them. So, adopting this spartan mentality might be helpful in case you are one of them.

From a very young age, Spartan soldiers were taught to be happy with very little in life. Some might even consider it ruthless keeping a child from their basic needs. But as a Spartan soldier, this was the way of life. Today, people need thousands of things just to go by a single day. This was completely opposite as per the Spartan values. The only piece of clothing that the children could get was a robe.

2. Spartan Diet:

Today, you can order something online that will reach your doorsteps in a few minutes. However, in ancient Sparta, you had to basically earn everything that you ate. From the training period, men were trained to feed themselves. They used to eat whatever they could steal or earn. They had to work hard to be able to feed themselves.

Whatever they ate was healthier compared to the greasy food items that we find today. You have to feed your body protein and veggies that are essential to help you build muscles. However, you didn’t feed yourself excessively because that would make you fat and slow.

3. Physique:

Spartan Mentality

The ancient Spartan soldiers had ripped bodies from all the training that they had to undergo. So, if your goal is to develop a Spartan lifestyle and value, you’d better start working on your physical training. The Spartans soldiers used to have lean muscles that enabled them to fight with others, physically and mentally.

4. Spartan Psyche and Mentality:

An average Spartan man had to train himself mentally as well as physically. Only being strong didn’t help them all the time. The Spartan soldier lived a lifestyle that required constant fight for survival and had to value whatever they would earn. They would have to steal from people without being caught, otherwise, they would be punished. Such activities made them instinctive.

5. The goal or purpose of Spartan Education:

In modern society, the primary thing for the people mostly become feeding themselves and gather as much wealth as possible. But the Spartan lifestyle and values teach you to follow a goal completely different. If you want to live like a Spartan soldier, you must dedicate your life to serve a particular place or person. Having personal materialistic goals isn’t the purpose of a Spartan soldier.

6. Waking Up:

Spartan Mentality

If you are someone who wakes up after 5 snoozes of your alarm, then we have something bad for y0u. Waking up early was one of the very essential lifestyles and values in the Spartan mentality. You will need to start using your time much more efficiently and most importantly, you must wake up early.

7. Training:

Spartan Mentality

Whether you want to grow up to become an army, fighter, engineer or even a doctor, you must follow some Spartans rules and regulations. in order to lead a spartan lifestyle, you will have to train yourself much harder.

The training period in the Spartan lifestyle goes until you die. So, you need to give yourself time to learn and grow. Whatever career you pursue, you need to be able to give it all you have got. Giving up will never be an option.

8. Working in a Team:

Spartan lifestyle and values

As a Spartan, you had to fight in a team. The Spartans army used to form a wall by sticking onto each other during the war that hardly let anyone else pass through. If someone gets injured during the war, the other Spartan soldier used to come and take their place, and they would continue to move forward. So, if you want to work like a Spartan, you will have to learn to work in a team as well.

9. Intellect in Spartan Lifestyle and Value:

Spartan lifestyle and values

As we mentioned above, being strong wasn’t enough for the Spartan soldiers. Also, they needed to think smartly. So, sharpening your intellect is extremely important if you want to develop a spartan mentality.

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10. Practise Abstinence:

Spartans never involved themselves in any activity that would not result in either making them stronger or smarter. So, they believed all the other activities such as sex and drinking would lead them to get distracted from their values and training. Therefore, if you align your lifestyle by the values the Spartan society, you might have to restrain yourself from such things.

11. Fight Your Way Out:

Spartan lifestyle and values

The Spartan mentality was to do anything they had to for survival. So, you need to be ready to fight through all the tough moments in life. If you didn’t, you get killed. If you also want to live that way, you will have to learn to fight with toff situations in life.

12. Discipline in Spartan Lifestyle:

Finally, this has to be one of the most important values you need to live by in a Spartan lifestyle.  From the young age of seven, the kids were taught to take care of themselves. They were all taught to fulfill their purpose of becoming ready for the battle.

At present, even if this might not be your goal, whatever goal you have in mind, you need to establish a strong discipline in yourself. Every principle mentioned above will not be possible without considering the disciplined lifestyle that the Spartan’s value.

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