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Some Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body

Some Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body

Who knows your body more than yourself?

After all your body is something that stays with you forever until you die.

You’re the one who feeds it, nurtures it, and use it to see the world.

So, who knows your body more than yourself, right?

Guess what, you are actually wrong.

Did you know that your hair can taste? Weird right?

But, there are much more weird things you didn’t know about your own body.

You will be amazed to know about some strange yet interesting and cool things about your body and probably start to notice it. So, thank me later for that.


Large Eyes Equals Shortsightedness

Some Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body

Who doesn’t love big eyes? Big eyes are somehow considered as the symbol of beauty.

We might consider people with big eyes really lucky. But, is that really so?

One of the crazy things you didn’t know about your body is that big eyes can cause nearsightedness.

Also known as myopia, having big eyes can cause distant objects look blurry.

It is because the light of the object does not properly reach to the retina.

The light gets focused too soon before it hits the retina, if your eyeball grows too long.

Hence, when it hits the retina, the image start to become blurry.

So, if you are sad because of your chinky eyes, don’t be, you have an advantage here.


Hair has a Taste

Some Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body

Like every parts of our body, hair also has specific functions. If you nurture, it grows, if you don’t, it falls off.

But, an interesting thing you didn’t know about your body is that hair even taste.

How? Let me explain. Our adenoidal passages and lungs are lined with the fine hairs.

Those fine hair, or cilia detects and sweeps out scums from our hair.

When these hairs taste something bitter, they increase their rate of movement, and attempt to sweep the bad stuffs out.

Similarly, when they taste something nutritious or good, they absorb it like our body does.

That’s how our hair growth and hair fall occurs.


You’re an Inch Taller in the Morning than Night

Some Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body

Probably one of the most interesting things you didn’t know about your body.

It might sound like an impossible thing. How can someone grow at morning and be the same at night?

According to Business Insider, “When you wake up in the morning, you’re actually a tiny bit taller than you are when you went to bed.”

This is all because of the pressure you put on your joints.

The moment you wake up, you start exercising your body with different activities.

Hence, those activities causes the cartilage in your spine to compress by an inch or more.

But, during the night, you relax and that eases the pressure on your spinal disks allowing you to return to your full height.


Hair Protects the Environment

Lazy people alert!! Not shampooing your hair can save the environment from air pollution.

One of the most weird things you didn’t know about your body is probably this one.

So, if you are too indolent to take a bath, don’t worry you are contributing something for the world.

According to environmental engineers at the Missouri University of Science and Technology, “Dirty hair can be good for atmosphere as it absorbs the air pollutant ozone.”

Scalp oils were found to be the major contributor for stopping air pollution.

So, talk less and do more. If you want to save your community from dust, absorb it from your hair.

Experiment it for few days and wait for the better result.


Sneezes Can Travel Up to 20 Feet

Surely, you cover your nose while sneezing because it can easily get transferred into other person. But how far?

You might think you’re safe when a guy from the subway sneezes and you are far away.

But, you should know that sneezes can travel much farther than you could ever think of. So, you might have high chances of catching cold.

A research conducted at MIT found that sneezes travel as far as 20 feet.

So, wear a mask, cover up your nose if you have fear of catching common cold.

This fact about sneezing truly makes it one of the most crazy things you didn’t known about your body.


Hair Knows When You Sleep

Some Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body

Ghost Alert!!! You know when you are asleep, your partner knows it too.

But, there’s also someone else to give you company and that’s your hair.

One of the craziest thing that hairs can do except tasting something is tracking your sleeping patterns.

Your cell-rich hair follicles contains RNA from clock genes that express each person’s sleeping and waking time.

So, if you change your sleeping cycle and go late to bed, the result you will get is extreme hair fall.

This fact makes your hair definitely one of the most strange things about your body you didn’t know.


Taste Buds Dulls With Age

Some Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body

As you get older, it becomes really hard for you to appreciate any kind of food.

Firstly, you lose your appetite and then you start losing your interest on the food.

Just as hearing and vision tend to get weaken as you age, your taste buds also do the same.

It might get more serious due to certain injuries you have or the medicines that you intake.

Sadly, women experience it more at the beginning of their 50s, while men don’t experience that until their 60s as well.


Half Your Hand Strength is in Your Pinkie

The pinkie seems very useless especially due to its size.

But, pinkie is one of the most crucial part to give your hand strength. Can you believe it?

Pinkie actually helps the thumb to pinch and give more power to the ring, middle, and index fingers.

Losing your pinkie means losing your fifty percent hand strength, according to a therapist at National Rehabilitation Hospital in Washington.

This definitely makes it one of the most cool things you didn’t know about your body.