Social media manipulation- a Global Smash

Everything you see on the internet today is not real. The social media manipulation now is a global smash and it is taking down a person’s rights to the right information. Internet, being one of the major sources of information today has been attached to lots of fake realities.

Social media is a real-time entertainment but however, the trend of social media is deviating towards the market of botting. There is a wave being created in the fake followers industry and fake views market. This has led people to fade away the trust they have had for social media. However, there are more to enjoy this also.

Botting is all about the algorithms that we have in different social media handles that seem like the real user to outsiders. The evolution of bot started with the perspective of marketing and selling things. This idea of false positive has helped a lot in promoting an individual or a brand. Also to note that this trend of fake followers and fake views also have manipulated today’s social media market.

The trend of botting, fake followers and different sites of fake views market sums up to be a social media manipulation.

However, there are some significant benefits to this false positive market.

Botting can come in all shapes and sizes and any demographics as required. To the outside world, they are as real as they are actually fake. They can be strangely natural. Bots can be used to gain trust and sometimes it may also deceive the user. But that thing is very uncommon. For example, if there is an account that has a huge number of following, then it is very obvious that it will get more engagement with the curiosity of what that account actually potentials.

A very good illustration can be shown of a Tiktok which is huge in trend nowadays. The fake follower counts and fake views from the respective fake industry and market have helped a lot in attracting the real users in Tiktok accounts of many people. This has helped them a lot in their career growth. Many Musers have got good breaks and also have started to work in their dream projects.

Another very good example can also be the botting of fake followers and fake views on Brands. It automatically increases the popularity and people tend to choose the popular over other nonpopular in the market. It is very obvious. This has helped a lot in increasing the business and the market of certain Brands. Truly, the fake followers’ industry and fake views market have been a boon to some.

However, every positive side has its negative effects and this system of true negative also carries some.

With botting i.e. fake followers and fake views comes spam’s as these two terms are relevantly together always. These spams steal contents, pricing and other valuable information from different websites and handles. The problem of skewed analytics enters in different online businesses and individual platforms. The web traffic analysis can be a mess sometimes as a result of botting. There are also some recorded cases of slower websites and poor performances. The loss in credibility and huge monetary loss are also some existing cases. There are reported cases of accounts take over and other detrimental effects also.

The industry of fake followers and market of fake views have been haphazardly performing in today’s online business. There are different portals and sites to deliver these kinds of services. The market of botting has prepared packages for ease to different people- Individuals and Brands. The ease attracts people to use them more however not calculating the loss they can bear in the near future. It does not mean that every site is the same. But whenever a person or a brand seeks for these different tools of social media manipulation, they should go for a trusted site.

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