Social Media is Graving our Values.

Social Media is Graving our Values

Have you realized the total time that you spend stalking others and preparing to present your best in the virtual world?

Well, Social media is a trend that remained for Eternity!!

The way people communicate have revolutionized in this era and development of mobile technology have catalyzed a way more than it should do. Social media, I tell you is a hub of presentations and portraits where you can show any shades of your personality to the world as per your preference.

It is a channel of reflection. A social media profile reflects that side of a person which they accept to reflect in the social mass. Nevertheless it cannot be excluded that there is life beyond it too.

Creating a Mirage of a personality in social media is a trend and people are slowly snuggling down to that part of technological evolution which is surely taking us nowhere!

What happens to a person who is intensely using social media; well there is a strong urge of seeking attention while being online. That urge is totally genuine but what actually is the impact consequencing to?


From Obsession to Depression!

It is an addiction that makes you self-obsessed. Self-obsession happens in such a way that people are more focused in faking themselves in front of the world then focusing on their personal growth.

In the time where people are so much aware about their personal choice and right to secrecy, on the contrary there is the sacrifice people have been doing on their privacy. They post status and valuable pictures in social media giving every access of their personal life.

Social Media is Engraving our Values.

People are always so fond of posting pictures and everything about them in virtual world. They have competitive analysis about certain individuals in similar platform and try to be the same.

There is a strong urge of people to outshine even the best and world is getting in to more competitive and jealous energies.

There is always a strong intuition of people making their social media profile a way more attractive than their life itself. The fake masking of people in social media gives a way more pressure to people in real life.  When the virtual does not meet the expectations of reality then there is even more pressure.

There are many cases of people going into depression about their social media profiles and comparing their life with others. Feeling low on personal status and life living way of others bothers people while making comparisons. People always feel restless about the response they get in what they post in their social media.

It is obvious that people linger 24/7 in social media but even when they are not they are always in that sense of hyper consciousness what might their posts or any expressions or any pictures might have received. They are always worried and excited in a respective way about what they post.

There is always a sense of anxiety and stress. This seems like people have emphasized other’s perceptions about their life more and have started to structure their life in the same way as per the perception of other people. These huge varieties of responses tend to give more and more interrogation to people about their life themselves. There are cases where people have mentioned that they have lost their self-confidence many times.

This module of social media use is slowly creating a generation of hypocrisy. World is getting into the hand of hyper consciousness of pretension rather than the facts of realism.


We cannot outcast the revolution that social media has brought in communication. Social media gives us the glimpse of what outer world looks like and how the world responses on things and facts. Social media gives us the vivid picture of where world is heading towards.

In different waves of communication, social media acclaims to be the everlasting channel that have made us realized that world definitely is a global village and there is so much to see and learn and live.

Social media has the power to conquer. Social media has the power to Influence.

But on the note; if only we could downturn the Negatives!!

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